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Updated Gallery Wall For A Large Room – Add Color For A Whole New Look

When I first started my blog I shared with you my large gallery wall that was made on a major budget. I recently made a few simple changes for fall that completely change the room. By replacing all of the black and white photos with colorful fall family photos, the wall has a whole new feel.

This wall needed to be large scale and kind of dramatic without us spending a lot of money. I used frames that I already had and painted them all to match. I also painted mattes with a blue paint to add some color. Everything on this wall was re purposed with exception to the canvas print. I was able to create a huge gallery style wall for little to nothing.

We were lucky enough to have some absolutely gorgeous fall days this year that were perfect for taking photos. I took the kids out for a photo shoot around our house and captured some photos that I absolutely adore. A dear friend of mine also came out while the fall leaves were at their peak and snapped some candid family shots that turned out amazing. We get great natural pictures when everyone is comfortable and happy just playing around home.

I originally had all black and white photos framed on the wall. I thought that if I added color that there would be too much going on. I loved these photos so much, and the colors were so beautiful that I couldn’t wait to replace the black and white with our new family photos.

Although I was nervous about the addition of colored photos, I am so glad that I did it. It think it really warms up the wall, and the whole room. I love staring at the sweet pictures all day long. I did a lot of my photo editing in Picnik (which I love). It is easy to use and they offer great effects to enhance your photos. I waited to get my enlargements made until I found a sale. Walgreen’s had a buy one get one free photo enlargement deal a few weeks back that I took full advantage of. If you search hard enough you can almost always find great coupon codes for Walgreen’s photo center.

I also replaced a graphic black and white patterned scrapbook paper that was framed in the left hand corner with a piece of burlap and then mounted a picture on top of it. The picture has both of our horses in the background and my hubby carrying our little girl and three apples to the pasture. I Love this photo – it speaks volumes to me. I think that is the most important thing – each of the photos that I added just makes me smile.

I made just a few other little changes to lighten up the space. I updated the chalkboard with “In Everything…..Give Thanks” for fall. I love the saying, especially surrounded by pictures of our little family.

The last little addition was a couple of little white glass pumpkins that I picked up from the dollar store. They are cute and simple and fit perfectly on top of my little decorative shelves underneath the plates. The kids are growing like little weeds and it seems like their photos get outdated so fast. This was a great way to get some current photos of them up on display in our home. I am happy with the changes and am enjoying the new colorful family photos. I am so glad I took the plunge and added some color to our gallery wall.

2 thoughts on “Updated Gallery Wall For A Large Room – Add Color For A Whole New Look

  1. Yay! Looks great! Glad I could have a tiny part in your craftiness! Can’t wait to see it in person.

    1. Thanks again for taking such awesome picture! They make me so happy! You are the best, dear friend! I think I have called you that in two posts now 🙂

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