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The Perfect Gift For Kids To Make And Give Grandma For Mothers Day

Mothers day is a great opportunity to have the kids make something extra special for their Grandmothers.  Take pet rocks to a whole new level and let your kids create simply adorable garden or flower pot decorations with their beloved Grandmother in mind.  This is the perfect gift for Grandma that will remind her how much she is loved each time she sees them.

I love the idea of having the kids make something special for their Grandmas on Mothers Day.  Mothers day, for me, surely isn’t about getting gifts or taking the day “off” from my mom duties.  It is just another special family day to show those that we love how much we care.  I always plan a little something special for my mom and mother-in-law too, but relish the idea of having the kids make something special.  Their handmade gifts are always my favorite part of the special day and I am certain their Grandmothers feel the same way.  At 3 and 5, the kids worship the ground that their grandparents walk on, and truly love and appreciate every moment that they spend with them.  We are very lucky to have 4 very loving and involved Grandparents in the lives of our children.  On Mothers Day, my hope is that they know how much they mean to us and to our children each and every day.  These gifts make a great daily reminder for Grandma as to just how much she is loved.

 Last summer the kids and I added a little fun to our garden by making and hiding some adorable Rockin Pet Rocks amongst our plants.  I absolutely adored the little pets popping up throughout the garden.  I would smile each and every time I walked past them thinking of how the kid’s little hands carefully painted and then hid the little critters with such care and thought.  That is when I decided that they should to make more rocks as a special for their Grandmothers.  I could just picture the little rocks scattered throughout their carefully tended flower beds, or lined up the stairs to their patio, or in a simple flower pot in the yard.

Of course, their Grandmother’s don’t need a thing, and certainly have the best gift in a loving and adoring grandchild, but this was a project that fit perfectly.  These are the type of gifts that money just cannot buy.  Something unique, special, and crafted with care, using something as simple as a random rock.  With a little paint and a protective coating a rock is transformed into a beautiful kid crafted garden or patio decoration.  Not only do the kids have fun collecting and cleaning their rocks, but decorating them makes for one exciting craft project.  Check out this post where you can read step by step instructions on how to make pet rocks for more details.

The kids and I set out on a hunt for the perfect rocks.  Each child had a bucket to fill and was allowed to pick any size and shaped rock that they wished.  We brought our buckets back to the house and hosed the rocks off outside.  We then gave the rocks a good “bath” in the sink.  We scrubbed them with scouring pads, soap and water until they were free of any debris and dirt.  Next was the hard part – letting them dry!

As the rocks dried  I lined the table with newspaper, got out our stash of acrylic paints and a few brushes.   I put a small amount of each color of paint on a plate for the kids and we were all set.  This is a great time to let the kids experiment with mixing colors.  Similar to the last rock painting experience, my older son carefully painted each rock in simple colors, and took a great amount of time creating his masterpieces.  My little girl on the other hand, mixed all of the colors together and plopped a few globs onto the rocks.  We let the first layer of paint dry, and then proceeded to transform our painted rocks into animals or faces.  We would look at each rock and see what animal we could make out of it.  I helped by painting eyes and mouths, and coming up with ideas.  We spent a lot of timing talking about their Grandmas and what they like.  The discussion led to some pretty decorations that I hope they love!

After the pet rocks were all finished we cleaned up and let the rocks dry completely.  I took the rocks outside and sprayed two good layers of an outdoor lacquer spray onto them to seal and protect them from the elements.  This is how I made the rocks last summer and they held up great.  I even found a few out in the garden this spring that made it through the winter.  They looked good as new.  By adding a protective spray you can ensure that Grandma can enjoy these outdoor decorations for years to come!

We plan on giving each Grandma a flat of her favorite flowers to plant outside as well as some specially painted little critters to brighten up her flower beds.  The kids cannot wait to give the pet rocks to their Grandmothers on Mothers Day.  I’m sure they will be beaming with pride watching them open their simple yet adorable gift!  I know that both Grandmas will love them simply because they were made special just for them!