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Texas Roadhouse Cinnamon Butter And Roll Copycat Recipes

Is there anything better than fresh from the oven warm bread slathered in a deliciously sweet cinnamon infused butter?  I think not.  If you have ever been to Texas Roadhouse and raved over their amazing complimentary rolls with the sinful cinnamon butter you know they are irresistible.   Here are two recipes so you can enjoy them at home.

I first tried this recipe last Mother’s Day.  My mom adores Texas roadhouse, and if ever it is her choice where we go out to eat, that is always her pick.  I wanted to make her something from my kitchen for mother’s day as a gift and I searched the web for recipes for her favorite restaurant’s staple rolls and cinnamon butter.  I found two amazing recipes that turned out so beautifully that I had to share them.  I was so proud to present her a basket filled with warm rolls and a few jars of cinnamon butter that she could enjoy for weeks.  She seemed surprised at the gesture and I hope she loved them!  I think she did, because she ate a few as she said nothing except, Mmmm with wide eyes.  My husband even said this seems more like a father’s day gift than a mother’s day gift.  No doubt he was pushing for his own fresh basket of rolls and jar of cinnamon butter for his special day. 

I made a triple batch of the cinnamon butter and put it in small mason jars.  I gave some to my Mom, some to my mother in law, and saved some for us to eat at home.  I’m fairly certain that this is something that I should not make on a regular basis, for it is certainly not the healthiest for you, and it is so good that it hard to practice  restraint when you start eating it.  The kids loved it, and so did everyone else who tried it.

I found the Texas Roadhouse Cinnamon butter recipe on pinterest.  I was unable to locate the website that it originally came from (please inform me if you know so I can share).

This recipe is simple to throw together and tastes fabulous.  Anything that you slather it on tastes ten times better.  My Dad said it was perfect on toast in the morning, and I’m sure it’s a great way to start a day!


The copycat recipe for the Texas Roadhouse Rolls came from the blog Eat Cake For Dinner where she shares tons of fantastic recipes.  I agree with her statement that these don’t taste exactly like the ones you get from Texas Roadhouse, but they are still simply amazing, and I love them paired with the cinnamon butter.


Both of these recipes are excellent and pair perfectly together.  I was surprised at how simple the cinnamon butter recipe was and how amazing it tasted on anything!  The roll recipe is a little more ambitious, but well worth the effort, in my opinion.  It is erfect for a dinner treat on on a winter or fall evening or the perfect gift for someone you love for a special occasion.  Either way if you love to go to Texas Roadhouse an fill up on their bread and butter before your meal, you have got to give this a try!  You will love it and your family will sit quietly as they shove them in their faces (which is the best compliment for any mom)!


7 thoughts on “Texas Roadhouse Cinnamon Butter And Roll Copycat Recipes

  1. About how many square shaped rolls did you get? This looks like a great combo for a friend’s birthday surprise!

    1. The recipe says that you should yield 5 to 6 dozen but I think you would have to make them really small to get that many. You should get about 2 dozen bigger rolls with one batch if you make them around 1 inch thick into squares (I usually double it and make a ton at once so I’m guessing here).

  2. Can’t wait to try it out with some fresh, homemade bread. I’m not as ambitious to make the buns, but I’m good with my bread machine working for a few hours. The kiddos will be surprised with this as an after school treat tomorrow.

    1. I love my bread machine too 😉 Hope you kiddos like it as much as mine did, oh… and my parents and hubby too! What not to like 🙂

  3. Great recipe. I really enjoyed the butter but I couldn’t get it to whip after I put the honey in. The rolls were pretty good, kind of a lot of work for the result but still very good! I think I might try it in a bread machine next time though.

  4. Now my family loved the honey butter, but I found it too sweet and the powdered sugar changed the texture of the butter. Next time, I am going to try to half the powdered sugar or stick with my go to cinnamon honey butter recipe .

  5. I found the taste and consistency were more like Texas Roadhouse when I only used a half-cup of honey.

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