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#TasteSilk – Mommy Mini Vacation At Home & Cakebatter Shakes

A mother is a mother 100% of the time, no matter how many kids they have, no matter how many jobs they work, no matter how many irons they have in the fire. Finding a moment of peace in the chaos is always a challenge, but it is also an important task. Every mom can enjoy some much needed peace of mind on occasion. Want to know how this stay at home mom gets her mini vacation daily without leaving her house? How she keeps her sanity when her days are going full speed with crazy, silly, messy, busy, unrelenting fun with her kids? There are a few things that I keep in my fridge which allow me a moment of peace in each crazy day, without having to leave the house!

After my two crazy kids are tucked in at nap time, and the constant noise fades to a quiet peaceful house, I head to the kitchen for a mini vacation! I fill a glass with ice, open my fridge, pull out a carton of Silk Iced Latte, and pour myself a glass of peace and quiet.

Sure there is a long list of things I should do, sure I should put on my running shoes and crank up the treadmill, and… I will, but first… I take a few moments for myself to relax and reflect. I ignore the piles of unsorted puzzles, the Lego explosion and the unruly mess. They can wait for a few minutes, right? While all is quiet I take a break.

I relax, put my feet up atop the mess, and enjoy the taste of what reminds me of a relaxing trip to a coffee house with a good friend. A low key moment without distraction or endless lists of things to do, to clean, and to make. It is refreshing, rejuvenating, and relaxing to the max. Just 10 minutes of solace makes me feel like I just got home from a week long vacation in paradise.

Because… while our days are chaotic, and crazy, I would not prefer to be anywhere else. It is, in itself this Mom’s paradise each and every day that I am with my kids enjoying the little things in life, like a good game of tag or an iced latte before my chores begin. With only 100 calories per serving and no artificial sweeteners it is the mid day pick me up that I crave. It lifts my spirit and gives me the energy that I need to be the kind of mommy that my kids deserve. I drink the last sip and I am ready for go-time! It’s amazing what one Mom can accomplish during a 2 hour nap time, especially after a mini vacation!

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Not only do I love the flavor of the new Iced Latte but I always have a carton of soy milk in my fridge. I have never been a fan of cows milk, but I know how important it is to have a balanced diet with the right amount calcium.   New Silk Soy Milk has a great taste and contains 50% more calcium than dairy milk. It is a healthy option for me and my kids and I use it in anything that I can.

I love it on my cereal, use it in recipes, and even use it to make a tasty ice cream treat for the whole family that is packed full of calcium and protein!

Of all of the things that I use soy milk for, this is a family favorite. Our take on a cake batter milkshake sounds strange, but gets two thumbs up from both kids, the hubby, and me too.  If only they knew what the secret ingredients were!

The combination of organic Silk soy milk, low fat cottage cheese, ice, powdered french vanilla coffee creamer, sugar free vanilla coffee syrup, fat free cool whip, no calorie sweetener, butter flavored extract, and colorful sprinkles leaves me with a delicious ice cream like treat that is way healthier than my family knows! A great way to take a family trip to the ice cream parlor without leaving the house too!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.