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Meet Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear is a 30-year-old halfinger.  Haflingers are one of the longest living horse breeds. 30 years for a horse is like being 90 in people years and our sweet and spicy Sugar Bear isn’t slowing down in his old age.

While he causes a bit of trouble sometimes, and his food obsession knows no end…he is pretty darn special! Sugar Bear has a golden colored coat, and a curly creamy white mane and tail. We are always telling him that he has the best Fabio hair! He also has feathery feet like a draft horse. HIs stunning good looks make him a farm favorite!

There are 2 things that Sugar Bear likes best. Number one is food, and number two is FOOD! Breakfast and dinner time are his favorite parts of the day. Everything in between consists of him trying to get out of work, or finding extra snacks to eat.

Since I had little time to spend with him while my kids were small, we decided to borrow him to a therapeutic riding center. He got lots of love and attention, and he did fabulous work helping people of all ages at the riding center. Sugar Bear worked at a therapeutic riding center for 5 of the 13 years that we have owned him before he retired from therapy work. Haflingers are draft ponies which make their size and stature perfect for any sized rider! He was a perfect addition to a therapy program. He doesn’t move fast, he is strong and sturdy, but also low to the ground and made it easy for handlers and side walkers to assist riders on his back.

Not all horses have had such important jobs carrying the most precious and special cargo! He has always done the important stuff with such care.

He has also been my mom’s favorite ride for many years. His rocking horse canter makes her smile every time she rides.

Fun Facts: While Sugar Bear is too tall to officially be considered a pony at 14.3 hands, many horses of his breed can be considered ponies.

Sugar Bear’s nick name is “The Finger Breaker” because well, you can guess, and no pony is perfect all the time!