Easy Holiday Dress From A T-Shirt

Here is a fun little craft to make your little girl’s holiday extra special!  What little lady wouldn’t love a comfy little red dress with a sparkly Santa adorning the front?  This comfortable pillowcase style dress was fashioned from an unworn t-shirt in just a few simple steps.  The small amount of time that it took me to make this was well worth the effort because my little lady wants to wear it every day!  Skip the store bought kids clothes and hit the clearanced out holiday shirts so you can refashion them yourself!  Easy, inexpensive, and super cute too.  A comfy, fun little dress for any holiday party.

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Sew Simple Matching Jersey Dresses For A Little Girl And Her Doll

A great garage sale find, and a clearanced yard of fun jersey fabric inspired this super easy sewing project.  When my little lady scored a Cabbage patch Doll for $ 0.75 at a garage sale that needed some clothes, I decided to make not only one for her new dolly, but one for her that matched!  She loves that she can match her new baby, and they couldn’t be a cuter pair.

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