What I Wore Wednesday – Black And Gray

The week of Thanksgiving was filled with lots of great food, family, and traditions.  We had two straight days of all of those things with both sides of the family and I enjoyed every second of it.  I also found myself dressed in comfortable and yes, stretchy, fabrics to accommodate the extra healthy portions of comfort food that I ate last week!  The color pallet of black and gray made a lot of appearances last week, probably in hopes of disguising the two day long binge that occurred.  Lets just say, that it worked out just fine, because I was perfectly happy, comfortable, and did not go hungry for one second last week.

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What I Wore Wednesday – Comfy Classics

Get the low down on why I am including What I Wore Wednesday posts here, but the main reason is to motivate myself to put in a little extra effort each and every day.  What I wore Wednesday is a way for Mom’s to share outfits and get inspired to get dressed even if they aren’t heading off to work each day.  The Pleated Poppy has an amazing series where she shares what she wears each week to keep herself accountable for getting out of her pajamas everyday and I’m joining in the fun!

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What I Wore Wednesday – Last Days Of Summer

This week was all about comfort.  Two sets of t-shirts and jeans dressed up with a little sparkle or lace and a Pinterest inspired outfit that I adored.  I would never have thought it up myself but love Pinterest for learning new ways to wear things I already have.  I also share 3 of my favorite hairstyle that are quick, easy, and look pretty nice for the little amount of effort they take.

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