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A House For Our Peeps – Kid’s Easter Activity

I have been enjoying every second of my time with he kids while they are on spring break from school.  It is so making me look forward to summer vacation, projects, and playing all day!  I am also reminded that busy kids are happy kids.  For that reason we have been doing all sorts of projects together to keep  their little hands and minds busy so they don’t have time to cause trouble.  This was a fun Easter activity that the kids had a great time with.  We made candy bird houses for our Peeps, and now have some beautiful little bird houses to display through Easter!  Graham crackers turned bird houses are a sweet way to make a peep house that the kids can decorate any old way they want.  Of course, covering it with candy is an obvious choice.  Not only would this be a great activity to do before Easter, but a great way to use up uneaten candy after the Easter holiday.

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Simple Easter Bunny Craft For Kids

Easter is just around the corner, and I’m sure my kids aren’t the only ones getting excited to celebrate.  Here are two simple Easter bunny crafts that you can do with your kiddos using supplies that you probably already have around the house!  These cute bunnies are not only fun to make but a blast for the kids to play with when they are done.

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