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Homemade Christmas Decor – Burlap Pillows

Last week I shared with you the first three out of four DIY Christmas projects that I have been working on that involve burlap.  Something about the simple natural texture of burlap, makes me want to create everything that I can with it.  With my leftover yard or so of burlap I created three very simple, but pretty decorative pillows to add to our Christmas decor.  Burlap, stuffing, thread and a sewing machine were all I needed to make these pillows, but some red craft paint and a stencil of the words Peace, Love, and Joy transformed them into a special addition to our home for the holidays.

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Simple DIY Christmas Decor – Burlap and Glitter

Well last weekend was eventful in our house, as I’m sure it was in lots of yours too.  After a couple days of food and family, we got the house all decked out for Christmas.  It is one of my favorite family activities of the year, and the kids love everything about it too!  This year I added a few new Christmas decorations that I made myself with a few simple, and inexpensive supplies.   This one includes a scrap piece of burlap, some red craft paint, glitter, and a thrifted embroidery hoop.  This project was super cheap but has a big impact in our living room.  A simple, sweet message in glitter to remind us what the season is all about.

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Make A Simple Monogrammed Wall Decoration

Adding your family’s monogram is a great way to personalize your home and tailor it to your specific style.  Making one on the cheap is simple, using some pretty paper, spray paint, and a thrift store mirror.  Using a good will frame I came up with the perfect monogrammed wall decoration for our home, and you can too.

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