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Rudolph And Clarice Appliqued Shirts And Easy Pajama Pants

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is is a very big deal in our house.  It is our family’s absolute favorite holiday classic to enjoy this time of the year.  I made some simply adorable appliqued shirts for the kids to show their reindeer love all season long!  Paired with some soft flannel pajama pants they make great holiday pajamas.

Did I mention that my kiddos love Rudolph?  They quote the movie and play with their stuffed Rudolph and Clarice constantly.  We even have a special viewing night with family when it airs on television.  The kids  enjoy wearing holiday clothes this time of the year.  I thought I would put their favorite holiday characters on shirts and create the cutest,ever, Rudolph and Clarice appliqued shirts for them.  I also made matching fleece pajama pants so that these shirts could double as their Christmas morning pajamas.

The shirts started with some plain white Cranimals shirts from Walmart that were less than $4.00 each.  I found some simple pictures of Rudolph and Clarice online and enlarged them to the size that I wanted them to be on the kid’s shirts. I used an applique technique that I showed you earlier to make these pictures come to life with fabric.   The tutorial will give you the step by step instructions on appliqueing fabric and sewing the finished product.  The shirts took some time to make because there were so many different pieces and colored fabrics.  They were well worth the effort!  I then used my sewing machine and a few different colors of thread to sew around my appliqued pieces on the shirts.  It gives the shirts a really nice finished look.

The shirts turned out so cute. The excitement on their faces when I showed them these shirts for the first time was well worth every second that I spent making them. I paired my daughters Clarice shirt with some red polka dot ribbon in her hair and a worn as a belt.  She loved that the ribbon in her hair matched the ribbon in Clarice’s hair.

My son’s shirt was complete with a bright red nose on Rudolph and he was equally as thrilled to sport his new shirt to our family Rudolph festivities.

I also made some super quick and easy pajama pants for the kids so that the shirts could double as Christmas Pajamas. I found a great tutorial on how to make pajama pants using 2/3 of a yard of fabric and a pair of your child’s pants as a pattern. It is a great idea and very quick and easy to follow. My son has matching pants the same pattern as my daughters. I found the soft and festive flannel fabric for the  pants at Joann’s. The pajama pants cost me about $4.50 make. So, these adorable custom shirts and pajama pants cost me less than $12.00 per set to make. I can handle $12.00 compared to the price that you would pay for store bought Rudolph apparel, that isn’t nearly as cute. They are the kids absolute favorite shirts, and they would wear them every single day if I let them.



5 thoughts on “Rudolph And Clarice Appliqued Shirts And Easy Pajama Pants

  1. Wow Kim! These turned out so cute! Great job!

    1. Haha! Thanks for standing in line with me at the fabric store – I think we picked the perfect flannel material 😉

  2. These are absolutely adorable! I am having a Christmas Pajama Rama contest and would love for you to enter these!

    1. I just linked up to your PJ Party! Thanks for the invite – I am happy to join in the fun!

  3. Great idea and super cute ! I will try this for sure for my G-Daughter !!!

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