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Rockin Pet Rocks In the Garden

We were picking rocks outside one day and not even close to done.  How could I get the kids excited to keep helping with this mundane chore?  I told the them they could collect a few rocks and we would paint them to make pet rocks!  All of a sudden we had collected, very quickly, every rock in sight with excitement!  We had a great time doing every step of this project and they are now awesome garden decorations!

What a fun summer project, and it didn’t cost us a cent!  First I had the kids collect some rocks of all different shapes and sizes while we were working outside.  Yes, your husband will look at you like you are crazy when he catches you scrubbing a pile of rocks clean in your kitchen sink, but it is necessary.  We let the rocks dry and I collected whatever acrylic paints that we had stashed in the craft box.  I laid paper on the table and put some of each color on a paper plate for each child.  They each got 4 rocks and I told them to paint away!

Now, the kids are only 2 and 4, so of course, they weren’t actually painting animals.  Olivia mixed all her paint together on the plate and went for the black look (thus the 4 black rocks!) While Kyle took a little different approach.

After their paint had dried I asked them to look at each rock and tell me what kind of animal they saw in it!  It was really fun to hear what they came up with!  I helped them make them into the animal they saw by painting eyes, smiles, and whatever else it needed!  Olivia LOVED watching the eyes and face get painted, and squealed with delight when they were done!  So in the above picture the kids saw an alligator, fish, puppy head, clown, rabbit head, bee, dog, and mouse!

The rocks were fun for them to carry about the house for a couple of days until they became objects to launch, so I had to devise a plan.  I coated each rock with a layer of spray on indoor/outdoor lacquer (I think I use this stuff everyday) so they could go outside!  The kids have helped me so much in the garden and love being out there.   What would be more fun than there little rock pets hiding among the veggies that they helped grow?

So we went out and hid the little guys throughout!  They are great little decorations and fun for the kids!  Wouldn’t these make a great gift for Grandma on Mother’s Day  or any friend who loves flowers or gardening!

They are adorable stashed in flower pots or even on the patio!  A special handmade gift that just makes you smile, especially because they kids have such fun making them!

Happy pet rock making!  I promise they are the cheapest little pets you will ever add to your family, and they are no trouble at all!

2 thoughts on “Rockin Pet Rocks In the Garden

  1. Great idea! I love the part where they became objects to launch and you needed a new place for them to live 🙂

  2. So glad to hear you are enjoying it!!

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