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Matching Appliqued Rock Star Shirt And Onesie For Big And Baby Brother

Appliqued shirts make great customized gifts for kids.  They are easy and inexpensive to create and are one of a kind gifts to give for any occasion.  When a close friend was expecting her second little rock star of a boy I decided to create some matching rock themed shirts for the new baby and the new big brother to be.

What to do when a cute little guy like this is about to welcome a brand new baby brother into the world?  Make a shirt to give him and one for his new baby brother too.  I love to create one of a kind onesies as baby gifts and I also love to include older siblings in the gift giving fun when a new babies arrives.  My friend was due with her second baby boy and I needed a unique gift to take to the boys when we went to meet the new bundle of joy!  It was so easy to make adorable shirts to fit the families style without breaking the bank.

One of my favorite baby gifts for little boys are tie onesies.  I think that they are quirky, fun and just plain adorable on handsome little boys.  In this case I used a skull and bone patterned fabric that I found at Walmart to create a little punk-like tie for baby.  You can check out my easy to follow tutorial on how to applique for the step by step instructions on creating a tie onesie.  The set that I made included a Rock Star t-shirt for the big brother, a guitar bib with the new babies name on it, a tie onesie with  a star on the bottom, and jeans for baby.

Along with the skull themed tie I added a little star on the butt of the onesie to tie the two shirts together better.   For the older brother I appliqued a bigger star in the coordinating skull fabric onto the front of a t-shirt with the word star in red to create an adorable “rock – star” shirt.  I sewed around all of the appliqued shapes to finish the shirts off nicely and make them more durable for washing and wearing.

I found a blank white bib with the perfect red trim at Hobby Lobby that I added to the set for baby.  I had the shirts all made up and the bib ready to add the new babies name upon his arrival.  Since we didn’t know what his name would be yet, I just waited until we heard the news and quickly appliqued his name to the guitar bib.

The set turned out even more adorable than I imagined and I was so excited to give the new mom shirts that I new she would love for her little guys.  I loved that I had a gift to give the big brother as well when we went to visit at the hospital so he could feel special on such an exciting day!  The boys could not have been more adorable in their matching shirts!  If you need a rock star of a DIY gift to give a new baby and his big brother this is the perfect way to do it!  You could easily coordinate this for little girls or a brother and sister if you choose different colors too.  This was one of my favorite applique projects and I had a blast creating these shirts for two little boys who totally rock!

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  1. Dang….those are some cute kids! And some of the only baby clothes we saved 🙂

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