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Mason Jar Patio Decoration

A simple and beautiful patio decoration!  All you need is wire, wire cutters, mason jars, and candles!  A pretty piece you will love all summer long!  Day or night they are beautiful!

I acquired some beautiful blue ball mason jars and was so excited to use them!  To me they are simple, clean, and beautiful just the way they are.  I was lucky enough to have enough of them that had the glass lids to make this beautiful display on my patio.

First I ran all of the jars through the dishwasher and they came out looking like new!  I took a roll of wire and ran a strand attaching the ends to two trees on each side of our patio.  I knew the jars would be heavy and weigh it down so I pulled it as tight as I could, without hurting the trees.  Next I attached each jar using a small piece of wire, and simply wrapping it around the little handle that keeps the jar lid on.  I added a nice big candle on the inside (bigger than a tea light) so there would be a nice big flame in each at night!

They really are pretty during the day and add a great touch to summer nights!

My favorite part is that I can put the lids right back on when they are not lit to keep water and dirt out of the jars.  It works magnificently.

A couple times throughout the summer if we had a party I would attach balloons with twine in between the jars, or flags for the 4th of July – so fun and festive.

When the candles burn out I simply stick the jars in the freezer for a little while, when they are removed you can gently use a butter knife to pop the melted wax right out so you can add a new one!  I also did tighten the wire once through the summer!