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Make The Most Adorable Ruffled Knee High Bootsocks

I am loving the fall weather and am also loving to wear my riding boots.  What better way to wear your riding boots all season long, than with ruffled knee high socks and a skirt.  I was able to make the most adorable ruffled socks for about $4.00.

I am obsessed with my riding boots this year.  I love this trend, and am getting used to the idea of boots and skinny jeans, finally.  I am getting even braver and starting to sport my riding boots with skirts and boot socks.  I spotted these absolutely adorable ruffled knee high boot socks on Pinterest a few weeks back.  They were so darn cute that I tracked them down, only to find out that they were almost $30.00 without shipping. In my book, that’s way to steep for a pair of socks. Do you remember the my ruffled purse that I showed you a couple weeks ago?  Well, lucky me, I had a small amount of the ruffled fabric leftover that mimicked the ruffles on the adorable boot socks that I spotted. So, using my leftover ruffled fabric, and a pair of clearance black boot socks from Target, I was able to make my own ruffled boot socks for about $4.00. Not bad!

I found the socks at Target on clearance for $3.50 and my ruffled black and white fabric was from JoAnn’s Fabric.  Make sure they are “over the knee” high socks. They make boot socks as well, but they will not be high enough to see under riding boots. I decided how many rows of ruffles I wanted on my socks to begin, and then cut the fabric accordingly. I wrapped the rows fabric around my calf to measure how long I needed my ruffles to be so that they would wrap all the way around the sock while I was wearing them (I added about an inch for the hem).  Once my fabric was cut to size I hemmed the edges that would meet in the back of my sock for a finished look.

I pinned the fabric in the front center of the sock.  I wanted the ruffles to start about two inches down from the top of the sock.  I then flipped up the top ruffle and began sewing my fabric to the sock using black thread.  I put the sock around the machine so that it was stretching out a little as I sewed.  The hardest part was judging how much to stretch the sock so that the two ends met evenly in the back.  They don’t meet up perfectly, but the ruffles disguise it well.  In just a few minutes I had my very own pair of knee high ruffled boot socks.

These were pretty quick and easy to make and I absolutely love them. They make every outfit I pair them with extra special.  I am hoping to wear these all winter long by adding a pair of tights underneath!  I also can’t wait to make a pair for my little girl to wear.

14 thoughts on “Make The Most Adorable Ruffled Knee High Bootsocks

  1. I, too, love the boots/socks/skirt combo! I’m on the lookout for some cute skirts to wear with my new brown riding boots this fall. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I am loving the ruffles and boots

  3. Can I have those socks haha! Maybe if I learn to sew I can make them 🙂 Cute boots!!

    1. Lol! You can do it! Give it a go! Gotta love Old Navy (boots) 🙂

  4. I love your ruffle socks creation! wow how cute and fun!

    1. Thank you! I am wanting to wear them everyday! Better get working on some cream colored socks I guess!

  5. Oh those are soo pretty. I want some. I need some boots tho..


    1. Gotta get some boots! They are so fun! Thank you!

  6. Your a genius. They look great. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you! So glad they inspire you!

  7. Do you have an etsy site? I’d love to purchase some of these socks!

    1. I don’t – but I wish that I had time to open one! Maybe someday!

  8. LOVE these socks! You definitely should sell these to people like me that can’t sew!! TFS:)

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