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Make A Dry Erase Weekly Menu Board From A Picture Frame

Keep track of your weekly menu plan using this adorable dry erase board made from a re-purposed  picture frame.  This is the most functional DIY piece of home decor that I have done yet.  I use it absolutely every day and love how it looks in our kitchen.

I have seen many different ideas for weekly menu boards in blog land.  I took a few different ones and made one that fit our home perfectly.  I absolutely love everything about my menu board.  From the organizational factor to the touch of natural burlap fabric added to the kitchen.  Here are three of the best reasons to make one of these for your own home:

  1. One quick look and you know what to thaw for the day
  2. This eliminates hearing “What’s for dinner Mom” three times a night
  3. Using the framed glass simply wipe off and re-write your menu with dry erase marker each week

To make this board you will need:

  • A Picture frame with glass intact (any size you would like)  I found mine at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $4.00
  • A piece of burlap (or other fabric that you love) cut to fit your frame
  • Days of the week scrapbook stickers (or vinyl decals)
  • Spray Paint (any color you like)
  • Sand Paper
  • Wooden letters M,E,N & U

First take the picture, glass, and frame apart.  Spray paint your frame whatever color you like.  While that is drying get to work on your dry erase board.  When I found my frame it had a flowery type matted picture inside.  I simply took out the picture (attached to the backing and matte) and flipped it over.  This is what I used to attach my burlap to.  The color of the cardboard backing was so similar to the burlap on the back that it worked perfectly.  I used hot glue to attach the burlap to the cardboard – but you could used double sided tape or Hodge Podge – whatever you have.  I took the glass and measured out and drew lines where I wanted my days of the week stickers to be.  Put stickers onto the glass evenly spaced.

When all of your pieces are complete and dry just reassemble your frame, glass, and backing.  The glass placed back into the frame with stickers on the front.  put your burlap covered backing in and secure.  Now you can hang and use your board to your hearts content!  I also added this simple and cute MENU sign above it to get that “dinning out” feel.  I purchased the letters at a craft store  and painted them with black spray paint.  I used a small piece of sand paper to distress around the edges for a little extra character.

This is such an awesome way to stay organized and efficient in the kitchen.  I spend about an hour a week making a meal plan, grocery list, and planning meals around our weekly schedule.  I write it all on the board and never have to think, during the week, about what I am going to make – or what I should get out to thaw.  It is my go to tool for making dinner time easy.  It is one of my favorite most useful pieces in our home.

Here is another board that I made for a friend.  I was able to get a before and after picture to show you what a little spray paint and burlap can do!  The frame was $1.99 on clearance at Goodwill and the weekday stickers were made using a friends Cricut machine and black vinyl.



8 thoughts on “Make A Dry Erase Weekly Menu Board From A Picture Frame

  1. I love this!!! It is an awesome idea, I just wish I had room in my kitchen for one…..someday!

    1. I bet we could come up with something that would fit your kitchen 😉

  2. What a great idea! I love how it turned out. I’m going to add this to my project list!


  3. Now that is super cute, nice job!

  4. I love this! This is so cute!! I am going to make one to hang on the back of my pantry door because I don’t hae any wall space 😉 Thanks for the great inspiration!!

  5. Just found your blog. I love the ideas. I am definitely making this! Thanks.

  6. i cannot find the cute day of the week stickers??

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