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Inexpensive Halloween Activity – Make A Mummy Out Of Mommy

This is a free and super fun activity that will have your kids screaming with delight.  Have them grab a roll of toilet paper and their Mom and you are ready for some fun.  Making a Mummy out of Mommy is fun for the whole family.

Making a mummy out of toilet paper is no new thing – but it is such a fun and inexpensive activity for the kids.  You have to give it a try before Halloween arrives.  It is a great activity for a kid’s Halloween party. It is also a great little activity to do at home with your kids just for fun in anticipation of Halloween!  This is all you need! Oh, and a mommy of course.

Grab what you have at home or buy a super cheap bag at the store.  After the kids were done making a mummy out of me they got busy with their toilet paper rolls.  The kids had a blast wrapping each other up in toilet paper, and everything else that they could find.

We ran all over the yard pretending that we were mummies!  These are my favorite types of activities to do with the kiddos.  Using things we already have, and spending time together, we are able to create memories that we will never forget.

Even poor Kramer dog got made into a puppy mummy.  He was an easier target for my four year old than his two year old sister, I suppose!  He didn’t move a muscle the entire time.  We all got into the action and where laughing and playing for well over an hour thanks to one little package of toilet paper.

I’m pretty sure this will be a new Halloween tradition in our house.   We will see if they agree when they are 15 if it still as much fun as when they were 4.  Happy mummy making!