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Game Day Food – Piglets In A Blanket

I would say we are officially into the football season with a bang this year.  You almost can’t live in Wisconsin without being a Packers fan.  For most games the hubby plops himself in front of the big screen, and the kids and I look forward to snuggling up together and having some fun “game Day” snacks.

Football is a big deal here in Wisconsin and what to feed your football watching friends is the part that I enjoy most.  I usually find myself taking a nice little nap during the game, but before kickoff I am usually busy making some treats in the kitchen to enjoy during the game.  The kids look having a “Packer Party”, as my son calls it, and  enjoy the out of the ordinary snacks that we have during the games.


Using 2 packages of crescent rolls and little smokies you can make enough piglets to feed a crowd.  If it is just your family, one package of each should do.  These are a fun snack for the kids to help with in the kitchen.  My son is the one that named them Piglets in a blanket in our house.  I open the crescent rolls and lay the dough on a cooking spray covered cutting board.  I use a pizza cutter to cut the dough into strips after I make sure and pat down the dough.

The kids and I have fun wrapping all the little piggies in their blankets and putting them on the pan for their nap.  I bake them according to the crescent roll instructions and just keep an eye on them.  Once the blankets are golden brown they are ready to come out of the oven.

The piglets are a great little dipping snack that are a huge crowd pleaser.  I like to serve them with a variety of dipping sauces: Ketchup, BBQ sauce, and spicy mustard – whatever you like best.

This is one of those little treats that pleases everyone from adults to kids and there will be no leftover piggies for the next day.  These are awesome for any occasion  football games, kids parties, poker nights, play dates, you name it they fit the bill.  If we are having company I make them ahead and put them in the fridge until it is game time – then just pop them in the oven and serve so you can enjoy your guests without prepping the food while they are there.  For your next game day party treat your guests to piglet’s in a blanket.  They will be fans!