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Family Fun – Fall To Do List

I simply love everything about the fall season.  It is my favorite time of the year by far and I really relish all of the fun family activities that we do together during the season.  Each year I put together a list of activities that we plan to do over the fall months together as a way to get excited about all things fall, family, and fun.  It is time for pumpkins, sweaters, hot cider, and bonfires and I couldn’t be more excited!

Well, we managed to check off every single activity on our summer fun list, and it’s time to retire it for this year.  Because fall is my favorite time of the year I enjoy looking forward to all of our family activities through the next couple of months.  I make a list this time of the year, not so much to help us keep busy and find things to do, but to enjoy the thought of all of my favorite fall things.  I recently re-purposed a very cool old door into a chalkboard that fits on the end of our pantry off of the kitchen.  It is the perfect space for our family fun fall list.  I will give share a with you how I transformed the door into a chalkboard soon, but today I want to share all of the fall activities on our list with you.

The things that I included on our list range from simple kids crafts, to family traditions, to general reminders about the season.  Tailor  a list to suit your families interests and activities.  A lot of the activities we would be doing anyway – but it gets the kids really excited about each and every family activity.  This year our list included:

  1. Go apple picking
  2. Do a mummy craft
  3. Take the horses for a trail ride
  4. Make Chili Together
  5. Bat craft
  6. Trick Or Treat
  7. Play in a leaf pile
  8. Harvestfest (a community event)
  9. Hayride
  10. Little Farmer (local apple orchard and pumpkin patch)
  11. Make apple pie
  12. Make a scarecrow
  13. Make Costumes
  14. Be thankful
  15. Family Photo shoot
  16. Drink cider
  17. Make Monster Pops
  18. Make apple butter
  19. Carve pumpkins
  20. Go to a Halloween party
  21. Put up spooky decorations
  22. Have a Packer party
  23. Ghost Craft
  24. Make Applesauce
  25. Watch The Great Pumpkin
  26. Eat Homemade Chex-mix
  27. Celebrate Thanksgiving
  28. Organize a teddy bear drive
  29. Eat homemade bread
  30. Do a ghost craft


What are your favorite fall family activities?