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Easy Bleach Pen Shirt Designs

I saw a phrase on a shirt while browsing Pinterest the other day.  “I’m a Hugger” I thought it was so adorable, so I  made my own version at home for $4.00.  Making customized t-shirts using a bleach pen is unbelievably easy and really fun.

It is an inexpensive project that takes minutes to create!  These shirts are one of a kind and the possibilities are endless. Make them for the whole family, as gifts, and having fun getting creative!

All you need is a t-shirt, a bleach pen, and a cutting board or piece of cardboard.  I use the cranimals kids shirts from Walmart.  I think they are only $2.50!  I use an old cutting board and put it inside of the shirt.  I stretch the shirt tight so it is easier to write on with the bleach pen.  This also keeps the bleach from seeping through to the backside of the shirt.

Pick a phrase or design and simply draw it onto your t-shirt using your bleach pen.  I let my shirts sit for about an hour before washing.  Then I wash the t-shirt separately and dry.

That is it.  Simple, easy, fun!  I can’t wait for the kids to get a little older so they can make their own.

4 thoughts on “Easy Bleach Pen Shirt Designs

  1. I’m totally doing this!

    1. Yeah! Let me know how they turn out! I would love to see them!

  2. This is another great idea! Simple enough that I could even give it a shot….ie: no sewing! Haha

    1. 🙂 You can do it!

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