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Dollar Store Candles Turned Halloween Ghost Decoration

Halloween is just around the corner and we are getting excited.  We love to decorate the house with spooky decorations  and inexpensive crafts that we can do without breaking the bank.  On a recent trip to the Dollar store I scored some simple white candles that were perfect for a little ghostly craft.  It took only a few minutes to do and left us with a charming little Halloween decoration.

I always make a pit stop at the dollar store to get a few Halloween craft items for the kids.  For a few bucks I can surprise them throughout October with Halloween themed stickers, stamps, and spider rings.  I pull them out randomly while we are at home doing coloring or craft time and it makes it extra fun for them the couple of weeks before Halloween.  While I was there I spotted some neat little candles in tall thin glass containers.  I instantly thought that they could be transformed into a cute Halloween ghost that could glow and light up the house throughout the Halloween season.

When I got home I found a scrap piece of Cricut Vinyl leftover from another project and quickly hand drew some eyes and a ghost like mouth.  I simply cut them out with scissors and peeled and stuck them to the glass container that held the candle.  It was as simple as that and they are totally adorable for the price and the effort.  I think we will make a few more, but next time I will have he kids draw out the shape of the eyes and mouth and then help them cut them out so they can make their very own ghost jars.

To make your own ghost candles you will need:

  • $1.00 Tall thin white candles in jars (found at the Dollar Tree)
  • Black Adhesive Vinyl (Cricut vinyl from any craft store)  You could use scrapbook stickers or just construction paper and tape too
  • Scissors

There you have it – a super easy craft that helps spookify your house for a Halloween this year. They look great during the day with your other Halloween decor and they will look adorable all lit up at night too.  If you are interested in the Eat, Drink and be Scary sign in the background check this site for a free printable!  I simply printed out the graphics from the site, used a lighter to sing the corners and a few spots on the paper to make it look aged and stuck it in a frame that I already had.  Cute, crafty, and easy on the wallet – just the way I like it!


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  1. Cute idea! I featured it on my blog and linked the idea back to you. thanks!

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