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Do It Yourself Plaid Infinity Tube Scarf

Plaid has been a fun trend this fall and winter. It is another one of those trends that I’m not sure I can pull off, but with the help of some cute and feminine plaid I think I can. A simple do it yourself infinity scarf in a pretty pink plaid is just right for me. It is a great way to sport the plaid trend without going overboard.

A while back I shared with you how I made really simple infinity scarves out of jersey material for about $3.50. This plaid infinity scarf is made in a very similar way and will run you about $4.00 or $5.00 to make. I think that plaid is a very fun trend and was excited to give it a whirl. I see plaid scarfs in all different colors and pattern in stores. For me, It is hit or miss if I like them or not. The colors and patterns aren’t always easy to wear, and some are just plain unattractive. When I spotted this adorable pink plaid at JoAnne Fabrics, I knew I had to attempt a plaid scarf of my own. This plaid was the perfect combination of cute, fun, and feminine.

This is a pretty simple process. I bought 1/2 of a yard of plaid fabric. The fabric was $10.00 per yard, but with a coupon I was able to get my 1/2 yard for under $5.00. When I make scarves for myself I don’t like them to be huge and bulky. This scarf is perfect tripled up for me. If you like a fuller scarf I would suggest using at least 2/3 to 1 yard of fabric instead.

I cut my 1/2 yard of fabric down the middle (the long way). I then sewed my two lengths of fabric together at the short ends. This creates one long narrow piece of fabric for your scarf. This infinity scarf is similar to the jersey infinity scarf to make, but because the edges of the fabric will fray there is one extra step. You are going to turn this fabric into one long tube. Take your long strip of fabric and fold it in half the long way. Make sure you fold it so that the seam that you made will be on the inside of the scarf when you turn the fabric right side out. Now you can sew all the way up the length of your material to create the tube. Turn your tube inside out now, and you have one pretty plaid tube. The last step is to sew the two short ends together to make the infinity scarf. There will be two seams in this scarf from the finishing stitch, and from sewing the two lengths together.

There you have it. This is a fun and easy way to create a scarf on the cheap that fits your style. These would make a perfect gift for any woman or teenage girl this season. The possibilities are endless when you walk into a fabric store. There are so many options to choose from. When I went looking for plaid fabric I had no idea that I would find one that I loved so much!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I made one for each of my co-workers and love them!

    1. So awesome to hear!! Glad they liked them 🙂 Next year everyone is going to hope that you get their names for the Christmas present swap 🙂

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