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Cherry Cheesecake Dip – Fun Family Valentines Day Dessert

I love making Valentines Day just a little bit out of the ordinary for my kids.  Things like a special packed lunch at school, heart shaped doughnuts for breakfast, an afterschool scarvenger hunt or a special dessert are just a few of the things that I have done to make their Valentine’s day special.  It doesn’t take a lot of extra time, or money to make their day exciting.  Here is a great recipe that is perfect for any get together where you need to feed a crowd, or a special after dinner treat for your family that is made with love.  We will be enjoying this on Valentine’s day as a special treat.   It is super simple, fast, tasty, and festive topped with red cherry pie filling that your family is sure to love.

Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years this year I found myself needing to make nemourse dishes to pass for family functions.  While I have my normal requests that I take, I am always looking for fun new recipes that will please a crowd, and that are easy to make.  I especially loved this recipe for Cherry Cheesecake Dip from the Chameleon Girls blog for just that reason.  Anything that looks pretty on a platter and is a dump, mix, and go recipe is just right to get me out the door and to family functions with the kids. 

I made this a few different times throughout the holiday season, and there was never a spoonful left at the end of the night.  I think that means it is worth sharing… and because it is so easy, I know it will appeal to busy moms like me who want or need to make something special for any occasion.  My kids can’t get enough of this fun cheesecake dip, and I love making it, because it takes just a few minutes. 

This year for valentines day we are going to make it to enjoy as a family after dinner and I know the kids will find it as special as any treat tat takes hours to put together.  The bright red color of the pie filling will be a beautiful touch to the dinning table for valentines day just as it was around the Christmas Holiday season.  I hope you give this easy dessert a try for you loved ones and that they eat it up as fast as my family does.  Anything this simple, pretty, and easy has got to be shared with the people you love most!

The original recipe that I found was for a single batch but I found myself doubling it after the first try to feed a crowd.  For a family dessert I will be sticking with just a single batch (pictured above), but if you are making it as a dish to pass I defanitly suggest making the recipe as follows!


6 thoughts on “Cherry Cheesecake Dip – Fun Family Valentines Day Dessert

  1. Can this cherry dip be made 3 days ahead of time or will it get too soupy?

    1. I made it 3 days ahead to take camping and it was just perfect. No soupiness at all.

  2. The single batch picture as noted above does not show the marshmallow fluff; is that only needed for the larger batches? If that’s the case then I assume the ingredients listed are for a larger batch correct?


    1. I must have missed that in the photo! You should definitely add it for a single batch!

  3. I only have one can of cherry pie filling, will that be enough or should I use two? Really looking forward to trying this! 🙂

  4. I bought the ingredients today. We will be having this for Thanksgiving, tomorrow. I bought regular cinnamon grahams for the adults and Teddy Grahams for this kiddos (portion control!) 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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