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Cake Batter Rice Krispies And Turning “Almost 30”

Today marks the big 2-9 for me and in just one year I will hit the dreaded 30 year milestone.  I will be celebrating with family and friends and of course, some cake batter inspired treats.  These Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats are the perfect treat for any birthday.  They are easy, fun, super festive, and tasty too.

Well, I think I can officially say that I am almost 30!  The hubby laughs every time I say it.  I guess I deserve it, I have been saying it since I turned 25.  He says that today is the day that I can officially start saying that I’m almost 30 because it is my 29th birthday.  I can’t say that I am excited about it, at all, but I will be celebrating non the less.  I will be celebrating my many blessings in my short twenty nine years.  Although I am dreading saying that I am almost 30 – I look at my life and wonder how I got so lucky in so many ways.  I am surrounded by loving family and friends to support and uplift me during rough times and celebrate and be glad for me during the good times.  I have had so many wonderful life experiences, and people who’s paths I have crossed that have changed me for the better.  Two beautiful children and a husband of almost 9 years that I love even more than the day we got married.  So, although 29 sounds awful rolling of of my tongue, and those bags under my eyes are there to stay, I will be glad in this day and rejoice in the 29 years that God has allowed me so far. I will indulge in a day of guilt free treats, and surround myself with those people who love me just the way I am each and every year.  In honor of another birthday for me I wanted to share a great recipe with you to help celebrate anyone’s birthday.

I have been on a serious cake batter treat kick thanks to Pinterest.  All of those beautiful pictures of everyday foods and treats flavored with cake batter and covered in sprinkles are hard to resist.  Anything that is named “cake batter” is quickly printed and placed in my to try stack of recipes.  Here is one that I have tried that is just as easy as throwing together a batch of Rice Krispie treats.  It is so unbelievably festive all covered in colorful sprinkles and makes a great birthday treat to share.  It appeals to all ages and only takes a few simple ingredients to make.  These make a great treat to take to work for your own birthday, to deliver to someone you love on their birthday , or a great cupcake alternative to send to school for your kid’s birthdays!  .

They are as simple to make as regular Rice Krispie Treats, but so much more fun and festive!  The taste and texture is pretty similar too – if you love the plain old regular Rice Krispie treats, you will love these too.

I found this recipe on Pinterest via Give Me Some Oven.  It is a great, simple recipe and I can’t wait to try it with some other cake batter mix flavors.


Here are a couple of other “Cake Batter” recipes that I have tried that turned out great!

Cake Batter Truffles

Cake Batter Dip

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  1. Wow, my sweet tooth is definitely craving these now. I haven’t had the cake batter version, but I think a trip to the grocery store is needed! Happy Birthday again!

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