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Appliqued Candy Cane Shirts and Pajama Pants – Making One Of A Kind Christmas Jammies

My kids love their Christmas Jammies, and they also love candy canes. Those two things were the inspiration for these soft and comfy homemade pajamas. This year I tried my hand at making them myself instead of buying them. They love their one of a kind PJ sets, and I love to snuggle them anytime they wear them.

So, this year I was feeling brave and decided to try my hand at creating Christmas Pajama sets for my kids. My Rudolph and Clarice shirts and Pajama bottoms turned out great, and so did these. They are made with super soft and comfy flannel fabric covered in a cute candy cane pattern. As soon as I laid eyes on the fabric I knew my kiddos would love it.

The shirts were made from two Cranimals shirts that I found at Walmart for less than $4. I then used a small piece of the fabric left over from making the pajama pants to create the shirts. This particular fabric came from JoAnn’s and was pretty inexpensive. For my son I simply cut out one of the candy canes from the print, in a square, and appliqued it to the plain white shirt. I then sewed with red thread around the square. This was a quick and simple appliqued shirt to create. If you have never appliqued before this is probably the easiest way to attempt it. One piece of fabric to applique and sew in a nice simple square. You can read my how to applique tutorial for step by step instructions. This shirt is even simpler to make than the tutorial example.

My daughter’s shirt was a tiny bit more complicated, but still pretty easy. I cut out two candy canes from the pattern and appliqued them into the shape of a heart onto her $4 white shirt. I didn’t leave any of the red border around the candy canes so her shirt is not quite as bold. I love how it makes her jammies a little more girlie than my son’s. I finished off her candy cane heart by sewing a zig zag stitch all the way around the applique using matching red thread.

I usually don’t have much luck when I try to sew using patterns. When I found this tutorial on how to make pj pants using 2/3 yard of fabric and your child’s current pj pants as a guide, I was happy to attempt it. The pants turned out perfectly. The kids say that they are super comfy to wear and there is certainly no denying that they are pretty darn cute! They are the perfect comfy pj’s to bake some cookies for Santa in and dreaming of his stop on Christmas Eve. The best part is that the shirts are cute enough to separate from the pj pants and wear all Christmas season long. That way the kids can show off their love for candy canes during the day as well as at night. I love anything that can pull double duty and still be adorable.