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A Pretty Way To Give Homemade Canned Goods As A Gift

Hope Everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday with their families!  Now that Christmas is just around the corner it is time to think about gift giving and holiday festivities.  When it comes to giving gifts I love to give things that are homemade with love.  One of the gifts that I have given in the past is canned goods made from things that we grew in our garden our apple trees.  Here is a beautiful way to package those homemade canned goods so that they look as good as they taste!  What a great gift to give the people that you love most this holiday.

It is no secret that canning fresh fruits or vegetables from your garden at home using a special family recipe is something that is a labor of love.  In years past I have made sure to, not only can enough of the things that my family loves to use throughout the year, but I also make extra jars to give to the people that we love as gifts.  They are perfect to have on hand for house warming gifts, birthday’s anniversaries, or any special occasion.  This time of the year is a great time to share those canned goods so that your loved ones have something special from your kitchen hat was made by you.

I often package a couple of jars of homemade salsa with a bag of gourmet chips and a card.  It makes the perfect gift for any occasion and is always received very well.  Now that I have seen this brilliant idea to wrap the canning jars with strips of burlp and lace they look as special as can be put in a basket as a gift.

Here are three recipes that I love to can and give as gifts:


Apple Butter

Texas Roadhouse Cinnamon Butter

and you can never go wrong with Freezer Jam too!

When I spotted this idea on Pinterest I knew that is was something I would use year after year as a way to give canned goods in a beautiful way.  Canning most anything is a lengthy process that takes time, patience, and care.  This is a way to wrap it and give it as a special gift.  My inspiration was spotted first were for sale on Etsy and used vintage ribbon, used as a wedding decoration.

To make these little burlap and lace jar wraps all you need is a roll of lace ribbon from your local craft store, a small piece of burlap fabric, and a hot glue gun.  I always have burlap laying around because I love to use it for DIY projects but you can pick it up at any fabric store.  It is usually under $4.00 a yard which would be enough fabric for way more jars than you would need!  I measured the jars and cut burlap pieces that would fit around the jars and would be about 4 inces wide.  I used my lace ribbon as a guide for the width of the burlap.  After cutting the burlap I kept all of the edges raw for added character.  I put a little dab of hot glue on the jar, attached the end of the cut burlap and then wrapped it around the jar.  I then added another dab of glue to attach the other end.  I was able to find some rolls of off white lace ribbon at Walmart for $1.00 on clearance a while back, and used that for this project. After cutting the proper length to fit around the jar, I simply hot glued them in place over the burlap.  The glue dots can be easily removed after use so the jar can be cleaned and used again.

They look beautiful set in a dollar store basket and allow you to skip the whole wrapping process all together.  I added a little message on the top of the jars in my own handwriting, but you can put whatever you like.  I have printed pictures, or tags fort the top, and it looks great either way.  You can head on over to Just Something I made for some great free mason jar printable to add to your beautifully decorated canned goods too!