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A Fun Snack For All Ages – Snowman Doughnuts

With all of the holiday get together, parties, and family functions it is easy to run out of ideas for bringing a dish to pass.  Delight kids and adults alike with these simple to make and super cute little snowman doughnuts.  With just a few ingredients you can bring a tasty treat to your next party that will have everyone smiling.

My son is in 4K this year and has to provide a snack for his class once or twice a month.  He has a very small class of 16 kids so I wanted to make something really fun for the kiddos in his class as a holiday treat.  While browsing Pinterest I spotted these adorable little snowman faces made from doughnuts and knew I had my next snack to send to school. These were quick and easy to make and the kids had a blast helping to create the little frosty faces.

Here is wat you will need:

  • Mini White powdered doughnuts (one bag from Hostess makes about 20)
  • Orange Slices
  • Black Decorating Gel
  • Wilton Candy Eyeballs (you can use  mini chocolate chips or just the gel to make eyes too)
  • Corn Syrup and toothpicks

The kids and I had a blast making these together.  We were literally done with them in probably 20 minutes, which is really speedy with two little ones helping. I just cut little triangles out of the slices to create the noses. You only need a few candy orange slices to make the noses. You will have enough left over to eat more orange slices than you should in one sitting. I heated up a small amount of corn syrup and used the tooth picks to add a dab to the eyes and noses. The syrup when it dries acts like a glue to keep things in place. I put my own little twist on these by using the Wilton Candy eyeballs. I first used these around Halloween to make bat and spider pops. I thought they would be a little easier for the kids to put onto the snowman faces without making too much of a mess.  I envisioned the kids trying to make little eyeballs with the decorating gel, and making huge yucky globs of black icing that didn’t resemble eyes at all.  The candy eyes looked absolutely adorable and the kids were delighted to put them in place. These doughnuts were awesome with their big googly eyes when they were done. I would add the syrup and then let the kids place the eyes and noses where they wanted them.  Then we just made little smiles using our decorating gel. Because of the powder on the doughnut it was a little difficult for the kids to get things to stick where they wanted them, but with a little help they had no problem!

I think the kids in my son’s class really enjoyed their treat for the day, and I know my son was very proud to bring the little snowman doughnuts that he helped make to school.  These will be a hit at any kind of holiday party or get together!  Give them a try – they are so easy and cute as can be.  Perfectly irresistible for kids and kids at heart!