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A Beer Cake For The Man In Your Life

Birthdays and holidays always leave my baffled when it comes to what to give the men in my life as a gift.  Unless I have a list with a specific tool or electronic devises I am lost, and most likely I don’t have enough money to buy it anyway!  These days I am trying hard to think practical, but still put the time and effort into giving gifts to the men that mean the most to me deserve.  With father’s day right around the corner and today being my handsome hubby’s birthday I wanted to share a past gift with you that was a huge hit.  What man doesn’t love a nice cold beer after a hard day, or while grilling out on a nice summer night.  Stock him up with his favorite brew and make it into a cake fit for any man on their special day.   If that man isn’t a beer drinker substitute any beverage that they like!


Well, even though the hubby likes to pretend that his birthday is just another day, and that it is really no big deal, I can’t help myself from trying to make his day just a little bit special.  He claims he wants no fuss, no present, and no card because life is good and he doesn’t need it to make him happy on his birthday.  Well he is a great man, and I love him so,  it is next to impossible for me to let the day come and go without doing something to show him how special he is to the kids and I.  I try hard to make the day about him, and keep things simple per his request, so practical mixed with a little fun hopefully does the trick.  A cake made of his favorite beer is the gift that keeps on giving, and stocks him up while also adding a great decoration for a simple birthday dinner.


I spotted this idea last year on Pinterest and was instantly disappointed that I hadn’t thought of it myself sooner.  Sadly I can’t find an original link to the beer cake but just an image.  What a great a idea and fabulous gift for any manly occasion.    Skip the useless gifts and expensive cards and make a simple cake out of something you know your man will love, use, and appreciate.  Depending on his taste, it may even substitute as a birthday dessert.


The cake itself is simple to make, and packs a huge impact to your event.  Any BBQ, birthday party, or father’s day dinner would be the perfect place to add a beer cake.  I used the image on Pinterest as a guide to create the same look with my beer cake but had no real instructions to go off of.  Here are a few helpful tips if you want to make a beer cake of your own.

You will need:

thick pieces of cardboard (or use round cardboard cake trays) cut into 10,8, and 6 inch circles

tissue paper or wrapping paper and tape

1 large case of canned beer

1 bottle of beer

2 plastic containers about the height of a beer can washed and dried (like cool whip containers)



First cut your circles out of the cardboard.

Wrap each in a piece of tissue paper (I alternated colors)

Place the largest circle on the bottom then add a container about the height of a beer can.  Add the next sized up circle that you have and then add yet another container.  Top that with the smallest wrapped circle and add 1 bottle of beer to the center of that.  I taped a balloon on top of the beer bottle


 Then you can start adding cans of beer around the bottom circle and work your way up to the top.  You should have just enough room on your cardboard piece to fit a beer can so that you aren’t worried about them falling off.


Then you can add a strip of ribbon around each layer of your beer cake to secure all of the cans together.  I choose red ribbon and the kids wanted to add a strip of their Lightning McQueen ribbon.  Not sure if that is terribly appropriate or not, but it looked pretty neat when we were all done.


I added a coordinating balloon as a cake topper to the bottle of beer and used gift bags and tissue paper as a back drop for the beer cake.


The cake itself added an awesome touch to the hubby’s birthday dinner and he thought it was pretty cool.  Hopefully he was pleased that we didn’t go out and buy anything just to give him a gift, and that he enjoyed his birthday cake for weeks to come.

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  1. Do you think I can use more beer cans instead f the containers in the middle? This helped me thank you!

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