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Silly Monster Sandwich – Halloween Lunch

If  you are at home with your kids, or you pack them a lunch to eat at school, this is a fun way to give them a healthy lunch a  that will make them laugh.  Tiny candy eyeballs can turn any sandwich into a silly monster that will make lunch full of silly fun.  A great way to celebrate Halloween with a lunch that they won’t soon forget because, well…it’s looking back at them!  This is a great way to make a silly Halloween lunch that takes little to no extra time!


I am a huge fan of making things fun for the kids around holidays like Halloween.  It’s something I have done since they were very small, and it doesn’t matter if I have a lot of time to devote to it, or not, I am determined to make fun holiday memories for them while they are little that they will always remember.

This is a great way to make a silly Halloween lunch that takes little to no extra time!  These little sandwiches are made with a simple whole grain bun, a slice of cheese (cut with a cookie cutter), lunch meat, and some Wilton candy eyeballs that you can find almost anywhere!


Take a piece of cheese and cut  triangles around the edges (I used a cookie cutter to make it quick and easy).  Then make up the sandwich like you normally would, but roll up an extra piece of lunch meat and stick it halfway in the sandwich to make a tongue sticking out.  Add the candy eyeballs and you are done!  Silly fun for the kids this Halloween!

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