What I Wore Wednesday – Favorites Never Get Old

Happy Wednesday – thanks for stopping by! Here are 2 outfits for you that are night and day different!  A casual date night look, and my favorite all time jeans and t-shirt look for horsin around.  Get the low down on why I am including What I Wore Wednesday posts here, but the main reason is to motivate myself to put in a little extra effort each and every day. The Pleated Poppy has an amazing series where she shares what she wears each week to keep herself accountable for getting out of her pajamas everyday and I’m joining in the fun! What I wore Wednesday is a way for Mom’s to share outfits and get inspired to get dressed even if they aren’t heading off to work each day.

Only two outfits to share with you this week, but I must say they are two of my all time favorites.  One because, it is the my truest form of comfort – barn boots, jeans and a t-shirt, and the other is a new look that I love for date night.  My outfits couldn’t be farther apart in style, but you can bet they are both super budget friendly.




We  were lucky enough to get a free night to go out and get some dinner with good friends last week.  A very rare occasion for us, and I was super excited to not only catch up with them, but for the opportunity to get gussied up a little bit.  The hubby surprised me with a great white purse for my 30th birthday, and I couldn’t wait to sport it with a tailored blazer and casual t-shirt.wiww-white-blazer-2

White Jacket:  Kohls Clearance  $21.20

Jeans: Jeans:  Target $27.99

T-shirt:  K-mart  $6.50

Nude Pumps:  Goodwill $8.00

Total:  $63.69 ( a little steep for me, but this outfit includes pieces that I wear over and over again in lots of different ways!)


I absolutely loved this outfit.  It was so super comfortable and perfect for a night out with friends.  Not too dressy, not too casual… just right.  The combination of a very casual t-shirt and distressed jeans was just right with the crisp clean nicely cut jacket and patten nude pumps.  I felt very comfortable all night.


I pinned my hair half back with some messy big curls left in the ends after a busy day running the kiddos around.  Quick and easy so we could get out the door for dinner.

Outfit number two is about as casual as it gets, but it is also as “me” as it gets. Comfortable, functional and easy for a day in the barn with the horses and the kids.


Jeans:  American Eagle Thrifted $8.00

T-shirt:  Kohls clearance $2.88

Thirifted Justin Boots $.75 bag sale

Hat:  Target $12.00

Total: $23.63

I have been spending a fair amount of time in my most comfortable barn clothes for one very good reason…

and here he is!


We added a new pony to the herd and I am so super excited to have “Uncle Buck” as a part of our family.  He and The Spotted Pony get along marvelously and I think they may be long lost soul mates.  We have been spending lots  of quality family time in the barn getting to know our new friend better!



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  1. Love the first outfit. Believe it or not I just bought my first great t-shirt and have been wearing it with everything. Now I have another outfit to style.

  2. Uncle Buck is cute! And I love the white blazer – you can never go wrong with a white blazer! But it’s especially awesome with the broken in jeans 🙂

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