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The Best Baby Shower Gift – Fill A Tub With Mom Tested Baby Items That Every New Mom Really Needs

Shopping for baby shower gifts is always a treat.  If you are giving a baby shower gift try any of these 15 mom tested favorite baby products.  Give the mom-to-be things that she really needs for the new baby, even though she may not know what it is!

Before I had a baby of my own I loved going and picking adorable little newborn outfits, cute stuffed animals, and whirly light up toys for shower gifts.  After having my first child I quickly realized, while those things are super fun to buy and give, they are not what a new mom really needs!  I had duplicates of many things for my new addition when he arrived, and not a lot of the essentials.  Because of that, I started putting together gift baskets for new moms that included things that are not quite as fun to give, but that moms need to make those first few months of baby’s life a little easier.  When a group my friends found out that the last lady in the bunch was finally expecting her first baby we were thrilled to go shopping for the new addition.  Three of us in the group, together now have had 6 babies over the last 5 years.  Four baby boys and two baby girls later we have tried everything that they sell for baby.  I’m not saying we are experts, but our baby gifts are certainly baby tested and mommy approved.  We decided that we would go in on a gift together and so we headed for Target.  After deciding on a rough price limit we looked at the big ticket items, and decided we wanted to instead, pick up all of the things that we used and loved for our own babies.  We had a blast walking up and down the isles of target reminiscing about that past few years and the trials and tribulations when it came to baby products.  Through trial and error with our babies we found products that we loved, hated, and tolerated.  The gift that we ended up giving our dear friend was a collection of things that we used and LOVED for our own kids.  We were just grabbing and throwing things into the cart, ohhing and ahhing of the products that we could not live without.  It was a sad realization for me that I hadn’t shopped those isles in a while, but a good reminder of how much we were saving on diapers, formula, and baby food!

After we filled our cart to our hearts content we decided that,  instead of a gift bag or even a basket, we would “wrap” the gifts in an adorable plastic pink tub.  It was the perfect size to fit all of our goodies, and will make the perfect toy bin for all of babies new playthings!  I have these in my own home for toys, and the are awesome and indestructible.  It was only about $7, which is only a couple dollars more than a huge gift bag and far less than a decorative basket.  At home I painted a heart on the front of it using chalkboard paint so Mom and Dad can label baby’s bin.  It was a simple way to personalize the gift, and make it even more functional.

Here is a list of all of the things that we added to the tub for baby.  Our choices are simply based on what worked, and didn’t work for our own children and are, in our opinion, great gifts to give a new Mom.

1. Diapers – We all agreed that we loved Pamper’s Swaddlers for Newborns and the Target brand diapers for older babies.  We each bought a different size for the gift tub.  We considered that not all baby’s wear newborn sizes and didn’t buy all newborn diapers.   My daughter never even fit into  newborn sized diapers but my friends kids wore them no problem.

2. Non scented Target brand wipes – a favorite of all three of us moms with babies that had sensitive skin.

3.  A huge tub of Triple Paste – Desitin works great too.  Skip getting the small tubes – they will need the big one!

4.  Baby pain reliever and Gas relief drops – I will never forget the panic I felt after my son’s first round of shots when I got home and had nothing to give him when he spiked a fever!  Save that mom from that panicked feeling – make sure she is all stocked up on those things she will need so she doesn’t have to go get it while baby isn’t feeling well

5.  Instant ear thermometer – I so wish I would have had one of these when my kids were that little ( and now too).  Nothing is worse than torturing a sick baby with a slow thermometer, not to mention trying to get a decent temperature reading from a squiggly toddler that wants nothing to do with it when they are sick

6.  Sophie The Giraffe – The best teether out there.  An adorable teether that baby can actually hold onto and fit into her mouth when they have sore gums.

7.  Munchkin Twisty Teether Ball – Another great teether for soothing baby’s sore gums

8.  DIY Wipes Container Toy For Baby – I came up with this toy  for my kiddos after they wasted countless boxes of wipes playing with them.  They loved them so much!  Her kids are going to pull wipes out of the containers, why not make them their own version and save her some money on wasted wipes!

7.  Target brand baby shampoo – A mild tearless shampoo and body wash that was all of our favorites – especially for the price

8.  Target Brand Soothing Vapors Bath – A great option when baby has a cold

9.  Munchkin snack catcher Cups – We all had these for our kids.  I still use our cups daily – they wash and wear great!

10.  Munchkin dishwasher basket –   By far the easiest way to wash bottle nipples, and bottle components.  Who has time to was all that stuff by hand – snuggle that baby and run the dishwasher instead.

11.  Crib soother – We went for the Baby Einstein Neptune Crib soother because a couple of our kid’s couldn’t fall asleep without it.

12.  Taggies Blanket Toy – An adorable little toy that is baby approved – little tabs keep baby’s attention

13.  Books – We each picked a book that was one of our own Children’s favorite first books: Barnyard Dance, Pat the Bunny, and Good Morning, Good Night!

14.  Baby sign language book Collection:  By Linda Acredolo , Susan Goodwyn , Penny Gentieu – Both of my kids adored these books the entire first year of their lives and so did I.  My kids could communicate simple things with me before they could talk!

 14.  Headbands – We were lucky enough to know that the baby was a girl!  We got some cute headbands to save mom from answering the question:  “Is it a boy?”,  even though SHE is dressed in pink from head to toe!  The question is inevitable, but maybe the headbands will help with the number of times it is asked.
15.  Clothes, clothes, clothes –  It was the absolute best part of the shopping trip.  A stop at Carters to pick out those adorable, soft, and adorable pink outfits.  We pick clothes that were for mostly ages 6months and up.  I think I had a million newborn and 3 to 6 month outfits for my son from my shower, but once he grew out of those, I remember having nothing in the next size up.  We got outfits from 6 to 18 months to help keep baby clothed all year long.  Remember to think about what season it will be when buying clothes in different sizes, and that clothes aren’t always true to age depending on the brand.  We went for soft comfy fabrics, with nothing too restricting.  Lots of sleepers and onesie outfits without too many layers.  You know those stiff, frilly outfits are cute, but it won’t last long before it gets dirty and why not make it comfy- simple is better for new babies, and new mommies!  P.S.  Our husbands all loved the sleeper sacks because they hated buttoning the sleepers with kicking baby legs in it, but all of us Mom’s agreed that we did not prefer them.  We hated that babies feet always were cold and that they crept and bunched up at babies back.

We also decided that, instead of spending money on cards for the baby shower, we would each buy one of our children’s favorite books to get babies library started.

After I filled the tub with all of our baby gifts, I used some grosgrain ribbon in bright pink to attach chalkboard covered heart tags to each book. I wrote the name of which family choose the book in chalk on the heart in lieu of a card.   If you want to make these gift tags for yourself you can check out my step by step tutorial here.

We put all of the gifts together, tied it with a bow and were very happy to give our dear friends this gift for their baby shower.  We couldn’t be happier for them, and can’t wait to see the new baby use every last thing in that tub!  We are so happy to have pretested hundreds of baby products for them so that they don’t have to!


88 thoughts on “The Best Baby Shower Gift – Fill A Tub With Mom Tested Baby Items That Every New Mom Really Needs

  1. I use a plastic shoe box and put in Tylenol drops and IBprophen drops, gas drops, cotton balls, q-tips, butt cream,hydrocortisone cream, nasal aspirator, a couple of different types medicine dispensers (syringe with ml marked off) and which ever thermometer their using this decade. I also write the whys and who gave me the advise. Can you guess I had a sick baby and needed this stuff and the shoe box keeps it separate from adult stuff and is always easy to find.

  2. I love this idea I would add some thick pads for the mommy after the baby is born. The heavy bleeding after the baby seems to many times forgotten. I love this idea though. Mommy needs things too.

  3. I like to include baby clothes hangers as it seems you can never have enough. When our son was born we found we didn’t have much for newborn clothes as everyone got us 0-3 or bigger. He was a little guy at 6 lbs 4 oz so he wore newborn for a long time.

  4. Cute!! Any suggestions on the best gifts for an expecting first time dad????


    1. I was at a friends baby shower once and the dad received the cutest little gift! It was a small tool bag that contained a few funny “dad” items. It included a can of beer and a few diapers, wipes, nukies, and other normal things as well that I cannot quite remember. You could get really creative with the tools that you come up with though!

  5. I always do the same thing…yeah the cute outfits are fun but that’s what everyone likes to do…i usually get like size 3 diapers, big thing of wipes, diaper cream, and those care packs with the nail clippers, gum brush, stuff like that and the passie thermometer

  6. Kim, my son’s best friend was having a baby shower and they knew they they were having a boy, so I went to Boscov’s and spent $100 on this gift. I bought one outfit for three to six months and then I went up in sizes and bought one or two outfits in each size. I ended with the size 2 or 3 T and that outfit had a saying on it “Happy First Birthday” which the mom and dad can put on him for his first birthday. Then I also added two pairs of shoes and 2 packages of socks (the package had six pairs of socks each). In the outfits I also added separates like pants and tops to mix or match. I placed all of these in a huge baby gift bag that I bought from Dollar General. Then I also added travel size baby powder, baby shampoo and etc. Then I also added a small baby approved toy. Her and her husband loved everything because I basically clothed that child for it’s entire baby and toddler stage.

  7. Kim, One year my sister-in-law was expecting a baby and I went crazy shopping for her. I went to Target and bought the large size boxes of diapers. You know the ones that have 90 to 100 diapers in them. But I bought in different stages and two different brands of diapers (Huggies and Pampers). I started with the newborn size and went up to the toddler stage. I don’t remember how much I spent on them because those boxes were on sale. Then I also bought two extra large sizes of baby wipes with two big packages of refill baby wipes. I went to her house (I called her up and said that I have a baby gift for you) and I took each box out of our car and set it on her porch with the baby wipes and I rang the doorbell. She was shocked to see so many many boxes of diapers. I mean two brands and every stage of diapers (different weight sizes). She loved it! She didn’t have to go buy diapers for a while. So for example I bought newborn size in Huggies and in Pampers and I did this all the way up to toddler weight (I think it’s up to stage 5 or 6 (I think). I also had a congratulations baby card filled with baby manufactured coupons. You can add baby coupons to your basket. That would be great for a new mom. That would save her some money when she goes shopping for the baby. Maybe add a gift card from Baby’s or Us or Target or anywhere that has baby products. You can also add a gift card to your local supermarket for the baby’s family! I have lots of ideas for you to add to that basket.

  8. I love all of the ideas listed. I will definitely add a couple to my essentials list. One of my essentials that I didn’t see listed is a travel changing pad.

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