Let The Kids Trim A Tree With Glitter Noodles And Feathers

We love spending the weekend after Thanksgiving getting into the Christmas spirit.  In our house, part of that means the kids putting up and decorating their very own little Christmas  tree!  Part of the fun is letting them get creative, crafty, and well…covered in glitter if that’s what it takes to a trim the perfect Christmas tree in their eyes.  Last year we decided to make a craft project out of the decorating process.  We used things that we already had around the house to make some fun glittery decorations to spruce up the holidays.

 Each year we do something a little different.  One year they used their own toys to decorate a tree.  The next they made ornaments.   Last Christmas was all about DIY decorations made by the kiddos!


We created a bow tie noodle garland as well as glittered feathers that the kids could then decorate their own tree with!  They had as much fun making the decorations as they did putting them on their tree.  The best part is that we made great holiday memories sitting together making and  decorating, all the while singing Christmas songs on a chilly December day.


To make the glittery bow tie garland we used:

  • 1 box of bow-tie noodles (usually less than $1.00 at any grocery store)
  • 1 Roll of string (with lots left over)
  • 1 bottle of Elmer’s Glue
  • paint brushes
  • paper plates
  • and a whole lot of glitter
  • Hot Glue and a glue gun (for Mom to use)

To make the Feathers We used:




The kids found it easiest to dump glue onto a paper plate, dip the feather into  the glue, and then sprinkle the glue with glitter.  This made for some pretty snazzy…VERY sparkly Christmas feather decorations to add to their tree.


Last winter the kids were 3 and 5 and this was the perfect project for them!  They were obsessed with glitter at that age and loved using glue.  I laid out paper plates and put a few noodles on them at a time.

  •  The kids would dip their paint brush in the glue.
  • Paint the noodles with glue.
  • Sprinkle Glitter over the wet glue,
  • and wait for them to dry.

Then once everything was dry, I got to work hot gluing the decorated noodles onto a long piece of string to create a garland that the kids cold then wrap around their little Christmas tree.


Once completely dried, the kids were able to completely decorate their tree using just the glittery noodle garlands and feathers.  It was a beautiful little tree, and the kids were oh so proud of it!  Sadly we didn’t get a decent picture of the finished tree to share, but you can imagine how much the kids enjoyed the glittery goodness of a beautifully decorated tree that was all their own!


This is their tree the year before all decorated with their own toys.  The point is…get crafty with the kids…have a little fun…and let them create their own holiday decor.  No matter how you do it you will be creating memories with your kids that will last a lifetime!


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