What I Wore Wednesday – Fail

Oh dear, I cannot believe that it is Wednesday already.  I give myself a big old F for effort this week in the What I Wore department.  I have all of one outfit to share with you…which means I have had a busy week.  With our household going on week three of illnesses I feel like I am back in my baby raising days, and you guessed it  – my yoga pants have been getting a workout, and not the way they are meant to.   I usually take and edit photos throughout the week as I wear things, but this week there was not a stitch of time for any of it.

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Photo Sequence Canvas Wall Art

Today I am bringing you yet a another home decor idea combing two of my favorite things, family photos and quotes.  This wall art project involves a sequence of pictures of our family holding hands and leaping into a leaf pile and a quote that fit’s it perfectly.  Combing them together in a cluster of canvases makes for a personalized and inspiring pieces of home decor that is symbolic and a great daily reminder of what is most important to our family, each other!

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Three Little Stools Refinished – A Numerical Paint Job

Three little stools on their way to the garbage turned into fresh pieces of home decor with a little spray paint and love.  These stools were given and I instantly knew that they would be perfect for our home.  The are totally functional, and with a new paint job fit our home perfectly.  They are perfect for extra kids at the dining room table, the perfect side tables to pull up to a chair in the living room, and fit into sweet little nooks so the kids can sit and put their shoes on by the door.

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