Rockin Pet Rocks In the Garden

We were picking rocks outside one day and not even close to done.  How could I get the kids excited to keep helping with this mundane chore?  I told the them they could collect a few rocks and we would paint them to make pet rocks!  All of a sudden we had collected, very quickly, every rock in sight with excitement!  We had a great time doing every step of this project and they are now awesome garden decorations!

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Girls Rain Gutter Bookshelves With Flare

Baskets and baskets of books….everywhere!  Every mother of toddlers knows what I’m talking about.  You finish every single night by scooping ALL the books that are covering the living room floor back into their baskets!  I found that the kids enjoyed dumping them and then dancing on them more than reading them. These inexpensive bookshelves made from rain gutters are the PERFECT solution!

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