What I Wore Wednesday – Summer Styles

I am loving the perfect summer weather right now and taking advantage of my summer wardrobe before the cool fall air sweeps in.   This week I was able to come up with three great outfits all under $30.00!  I’m most excited to share with you a formal outfit that I wore to a wedding that ran me less than $23 bucks and some easy peasy summer hairstyle too.

Get the low down on why I am including What I Wore Wednesday posts here, but the main reason is to motivate myself to put in a little extra effort each and every day.  What I wore Wednesday is a way for Mom’s to share outfits and get inspired to get dressed even if they aren’t heading off to work each day.  The Pleated Poppy has an amazing series where she shares what she wears each week to keep herself accountable for getting out of her pajamas everyday and I’m joining in the fun!

Saturday:  To a beautiful summer wedding with the family

I was absolutely in love with this dress as soon as I spotted it and was so happy I had somewhere to wear it!  It is one of the only new pieces of clothing I have purchased all summer.  The whole outfit was so perfectly comfortable and easy to dance with the kiddos in!  The comfy wedges were a perfect match and only set me back $2.95!!

Dress:  TJ Maxx $19.99

Shoes:  JC Penny Clearance $2.95!! (with a $10.00 coupon)

Necklace (Gala) and earrings (socialite):  Lia Sophia  free for hosting a party

Outfit total:  $22.94!!

I love how my hair turned out with this outfit!  I actually had planned on putting my hair up but ran out of time, as usual, getting everyone else ready first.  I threw my blow dried hair into hot rollers while I got everyone else ready and took them out minutes before we had to leave.  I put the sides both back and pinned them up and had to run out the door.  I guess sometimes simple is better and the soft big curls paired perfectly with my dress.

My Pinterest inspired outfit comes from Uniqueimage on polyvore this week.  It’s a great take on t-shirt and jeans but kicked up a notch.  This outfit runs about $684 for just the shoes, jeans and t-shirt – yikes!

Monday:  School shopping with the kids

I had all of these items in my closet and was able to come up with a similar style  for a super comfy outfit using an over sided t-shirt and thrifted distressed jeans.

Baggy T-shirt:  Kmart $6.50

Jeans:  Thrifted $6.00 (Amethyst brand)

Sparkly sandals:  Walmart $10.00

Necklace:  Lia Sophia free for hosting a party

Total Outfit cost:  $22.50

Hair: ehhhh – is all I have to say about my poorly styled do.

Tuesday:  Running Errands, preschool orientation and out for ice cream to celebrate my wedding anniversary with the kids (sign… and no hubby)

White Tunic Top:  TJ Maxx $8.00

Distressed Jeans:  Kmart clearance $12.00

Green Tank:  Walmart $3.88

Green Wedges:  Payless Clearance American Eagle $6.00

Outfit Total:

Hair:  I love quick and easy up-does.  It gives me the opportunity to get out the door quickly and look decent with little time and effort.  For this style I let my hair air dry then added volume to the top and sides by backcombing.  I separate the sides from the back of my hair – put a low ponytail in using the middle section and then flip it under and pinned the ends under.  I then take each side and pull it back, smooth it and pin it underneath the bun to cover the other pins.  Looks pretty and put together without have to curl or straighten because all of the frizzy ends are tucked and pinned away.

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