What I Wore Wednesday – From Boots To Heels

From comfy sweatshirts, hats and cowboy boots to heels blouses and earrings I am certainly getting used to taking a little extra time to put myself together before I head out the door.  This weeks outfits couldn’t be on much different ends of the spectrum, but it’s all about what woks for you and your life, right?

Get the low down on why I am including What I Wore Wednesday posts here, but the main reason is to motivate myself to put in a little extra effort each and every day.  What I wore Wednesday is a way for Mom’s to share outfits and get inspired to get dressed even if they aren’t heading off to work each day.  The Pleated Poppy has an amazing series where she shares what she wears each week to keep herself accountable for getting out of her pajamas everyday and I’m joining in the fun!

Here is my Pinterest inspired outfit for the week.  I have a denim shirt that I love to wear in the fall and winter with leggings and boots – but had never thought to put it with white shorts until I saw this image found on Polyvor by Jnifir.  This outfit would run you over $342.  I was able to put together a similar outfit from my closet that was perfect for a cool summer day taking the kids to the fair.


Friday:  Taking the kids to the county fair

Denim Shirt:  Target Clearance $12.00

Tank Top:  Old Victoria Secret

White Shorts:  Walmart  $12.88

Flip Flops: Old navy Clearance & coupon $5.34

Necklace:  Premiere Designs (free for hosting a party)

Total Outfit cost:  $30.22

Hair:  Natural curls pinned up into a messy up-do – a great way to keep hair out of my face and stay put on a windy day.

Saturday:  A day in the barn with my spotted pony  teaching my little girl to ride (the absolute best kind of day in my book).

Before I became a minivan driving mama this is how you could find my dressed at any time of the day if I wasn’t working or sleeping!  Let’s get real here – this is how I would dress every day if I was my most comfortable – no heels or fussy hair – just boots, jeans, natural hair under a hat and a comfy old sweatshirt and over sized t-shirt!

BKE Jeans:  $25 Thrifted!!  A great deal on jeans that run over $100 at the Buckle!

Justin Cowboy boots:   Old and broke in just right

Oversized t-shirt:  Victoria secret – also old and broken in

Hoodie:  Maurices – traded stuff with a friend for it

Cowgirl cap:  $10.00 Local Tack shop

Earrings:  Shopko

My only piece of real jewelry that I own is my horseshoe shaped wedding ring that the hubby picked out for me!  I love it and it goes perfectly with my favorite kind of outfit!

 My other accessories seem to consist of:  hay, horse slobber (from sweet Toby kisses), and mud on my boots – my favorite!

Sunday:  To a baby shower

Loved this outfit!  Super comfy and easy to run after my little girl in!  The skinny jeans were a little looser – like boyfriend fit jeans and I liked the fit paired with the flowy loose fitting blouse.  It was perfect for a cooler summer day.

White Blouse:  Rue 21  $20.00

White Tank:  Old

Jeans:  Rue 21 Clearance $5.00

Heels:  Thrifted $3.00

Total outfit cost: $28.00

Hair:  I straightened my hair and added volume and pulled back my bangs.  Two bobby pins and some backcombing with a little hairspray is all it took to finish off my look.  I also do a  little backcombing to the crown of my head to give a little lift to the hair on top.

7 Replies to “What I Wore Wednesday – From Boots To Heels”

  1. What a FAB and awesome wedding ring! Embraces who YOU are! LOVE it! LOVE the fair outfit too (that necklace is GORGEOUS). You are one stylish cowgirl (I heart the hat too!!)

    1. Thank you so much! Most people either love or hate my ring haha 🙂 maybe it’s because not many people choose yellow gold anymore or maybe it’s because they don’t get it! Doesn’t bother me a bit! I checkout out your blog this week and am loving the outfit with the red jeans! I haven’t gotten up the gumption to try colored skinny jeans yet!! They look great on you!

  2. I like the outfit inspiration from Pinterest. I haven’t used that website for fashion finds. I think I need to start. It’s fun to see how you create your own take on the picture. Stopping by from The Pleated Poppy.

  3. I love these posts! I love getting new ideas from the outfits you put together and it inspires me to take a little more time on myself as well. Keep it up!!

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