What I Wore Wednesday – Fail

Oh dear, I cannot believe that it is Wednesday already.  I give myself a big old F for effort this week in the What I Wore department.  I have all of one outfit to share with you…which means I have had a busy week.  With our household going on week three of illnesses I feel like I am back in my baby raising days, and you guessed it  – my yoga pants have been getting a workout, and not the way they are meant to.   I usually take and edit photos throughout the week as I wear things, but this week there was not a stitch of time for any of it.

I had good intentions, but the days flew by filled with doctors appointments, drug store runs, and the general me-ham of sick kids.  I hate this time of the year when it comes to cold and flu season.  It seems that we go through a run of everyone getting sick, then feeling better, just in time to catch the next wave of whatever bug is floating around school.  Nothing is more miserable than seeing your kids sick.  I have been thrown up on, cried at, yelled at, and woken up at night  – just like I remember back when the kids were babies, except I much prefer baby spit up to big kid puke.  Needless to say we have been in survival mode, and fashion has been the absolute farthest thing from my mind.   I managed to get up early and get dressed in something other than a Columbia fleece, jeans, and a hat 3 days this week, and only got one day of photos.

This outfit was my Pinterest inspired outfit and was Created by Polyvore. I remember pinning this simple, cute outfit and being shocked at the price.  The shirt, pants, tank and jeans would run you a mere $570.  I put t in the back of my mind, and set out to find something similar but that fit the budget better.

At the time I had looked in my closet, and realized that in my post baby years all I had bought was black, gray, black, and more black.  It was a sad combination for a wardrobe so I vowed not to buy anything new that was black or gray.  I found my shirt at Shopko, and it had a similar flowy cut with some fun roughed details.  They had it in black and gray closer to the inspiration picture, but I sprang for the tan in a protest to my dull closet.  Not sure that tan was any better, but it wasn’t black.

This was the perfect comfy outfit for running around with the kids and spending the day at home sanitizing the place.  It wasn’t glamorous, but it was not pajamas!  My outfit was similar but way more budget friendly coming in at only $44.00 total.  That sure beats $570.

Striped Top:  Shopko  $16.00 with coupon

Tank Top:  Shopko $8.00

Distressed Skinny Jeans:  Kmart clearance $12.00

Wedges:  Goodwill $8.00

Total Outfit Cost:  $44.00

Not going to lie: the shoes came off and the slippers went on for 80% of the day.

No one is at home cleaning toilets in their wedges.

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