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Get the low down on why I am including What I Wore Wednesday posts here, but the main reason is to motivate myself to put in a little extra effort each and every day.  What I wore Wednesday is a way for Mom’s to share outfits and get inspired to get dressed even if they aren’t heading off to work each day.  The Pleated Poppy has an amazing series where she shares what she wears each week to keep herself accountable for getting out of her pajamas everyday and I’m joining in the fun!

Friday:  Running errands, visiting family, and dinner out with the hubby.

I love this jersey black flowy top.  It is great for casual days, but comfortable and easy to dress up.  I spent most of the day in this same outfit, but with a pair of flats.  When it was time to go out for dinner all I had to do was let my hair down and put on some sparkly heels.  This outfit is way more comfortable than you would ever believe, especially for a night out.

Black jersey top:  Old navy $ can’t remember – old

Pink t-shirt:  Victoria Secret:  $15.00

Black  stretch skinnies:  Walmart:  $16.88

Sparkly Heels:  Maurices $0 (gift- lucky me)

So lets talk about the hair.  I stopped at the beauty supply store to pick up some things (to do other peoples hair), and the hubby decided to come in and convinced me that I needed to go blonde(r).  I was all set to go really dark for fall/winter, but I decided I should try to make the man happy.  I lightened it up quite a bit (for me) and ended up with a pretty color, but by the end of the weekend found myself panicking and adding low-lites back in.  I haven’t gone that light since high school, and although the hubby loved it, I just didn’t feel like it matched with my skin tone – so a bit darker I went – I’m just not as brave as I used to be.

Pinterest inspired outfit was Created by callieolsen that would run you $674 for just the boots, leggings, and shirts. from my own closet.

Saturday:  Doing a outdoor photo shoot for a friend and then home with a sick little boy – movies and snuggles. I have a few similar outfits pinned that include denim shirts, white, leggings, and boots but this is what I came up with

I did add boot socks, and a long sleeve undershirt to my outfit because I was going to be outside on a crisp fall day.  I have a love hate relationship with boot socks.  I love them when I am outside  to add warmth under boots and love the look and texture they add to an outfit.  I hate that I am sweating buckets instantly upon wearing boots and boot socks indoors.  Here is my little trick when I wear boot socks with an outfit if I know I am going to be inside and outside.  I cute the foot part of the sock off completely and then wear the socks more like leg warmers.  I just pull them up so that the socks are sticking out of the boots and wear normal – not-so-hot socks with my boots.  That way I get the look without the uncomfortable heat whether I am indoors or out.  Cheater cheater!

See…no one would ever know the difference.

Denim shirt:  Target Clearance $11.00

Black Skinny Jeans:  Walmart $12.88

Brown Boots:  Old Navy $40.00

White shirt:  Charlotte Russe clearance $4.00

Total outfit cost:  $77.88

The hair was still at its lightest at this point, but got darkened the next day.  I used day old curls with the sides twisted back for a super quick, easy style on a very busy day.


Tuesday:  Kids to school, running errands, and little lady to dance class.

Tank Top:  Walmart Clearance $1.00

Jeans: Charlotte Russe Clearance $20.00

Sweater:  Target $ ?  –  Old

Shoes:  Garage sale swap $0

Pink Flannel Scarf:  made by me for about  $5.00

Hair:  I am feeling much more comfortable with the darker color after low lights – thank goodness.   Still lighter than I normally go, but if it makes the hubby happy than, well, I’m happy.


4 Replies to “What I Wore Wednesday – Comfy Classics”

  1. What brand are those black skinny jeans and does Walmart still have them? Mine from last year are soooo faded and I need some new, but of course don’t want to pay a ton. VERY cute outfits!

    1. They are Faded Glory and I believe they do still carry them but can’t say for sure if they are exactly the same – I have had mine for well over a year. They have held up great and I have gotten a ton of wear out of them – especially for the price! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love your style! Thanks for sharing wish I had all your energy! But I feel like I have a new friend with great ideas ! A blessing straight from God! Be blessed

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