What I Wore Wednesday – Break Out The Boots

The fall colors are in bloom in Wisconsin and the weather is as beautiful as it gets.  I have switched the closets over for winter and couldn’t wait to wear my favorite brown riding boots and most loved flannel shirt.  My brown boots and black leggings did double duty this week making it into 2 different outfits.  Here are three fall outfits done on the cheap including one outfit for a family picture day.

My Pinterest inspired style is from Polyvore by lindsayrscales.  This Outfit would cost around $392 for just the dress and the boots but I love the look.  I paired a simple black dress with some riding boots and got a similar look for under $60.00.  I decided to forgo the large leather belt because of the looser fit of my dress.

Thursday:  To an open house for my Mom’s work and out for dinner with the family

Let me just tell you that I had been searching for a casual black dress for a year.  I looked high and low and had a very difficult time finding one that was casual, but not too casual and that was cut in a decent manner for a busy mom.  After looking just about everywhere and all but giving up, I spotted this dress at our local K-mart.  I tried it on once I got home and was more than pleasantly surprised.  It has a great modest cut and has a ton of character plus I had a coupon when I bought it!  The search is over and I feel great in this very comfortable dress.

Black Dress: K-mart $17.00 (with rewards coupon)

Brown Boots:  Old Navy $40.00

(more than I would usually spend but I wear these almost every day in the winter and fall)

Earrings:  Lia Sophia

Total Outfit Cost:  $57.00

Saturday:  Extended Family Picture Day

Black Leggings:  Walmart clearance $4.00

Lace Striped Tank:  Old navy $ ? can’t remember

Brown Boots:  Old Navy $40.00

Tan Coverup:  Thrifted Goodwill $4.00

Necklace:  Gala Lia Sophia

Belt:  Came from another shirt in my closet

The entire family dressed in neutrals like black, tan, and white, and brown.  Here are just a couple of the pictures which turned out amazing thanks to the beautiful fall colors and my super fun loving family.

Monday:  Kids to school,  to the library, running errands, and cleaning day

I can’t ell you how obsessed I am with this flannel shirt.  Don’t know what it is, but I would wear it every day if I could.  It is a bit too big but maybe that is the appeal!  It is made of really soft flannel so it is warm, comfortable, and I love the gray and black mixed with bright pink.  You will definitely see this shirt again with jeans, boots, flats, leggings, and probably more.  It has replaced my usual over sized hooded sweatshirt in an attempt to at least look like I tried a little in the morning.  I bought it a couple years ago and have really worn it a ton.  In fact, I’m wearing it right now!

Checkered Flannel:  Old Navy $12.80 (with 20% off coupon)

Black Leggings:  Walmart clearance $4.00

Hot Pink Tank:  Old Navy Clearance $2.00

Flowered sandals:  Hallmark $2.50

I scored the sandals at Hallmark of all places when I ran in to grab a birthday card quick.  They had a rack of sandals at 90% off and I couldn’t pass up the cute flowered sandals.  I had been wanting a pair of feminine flowered black sandals  for a while and at that price I was really excited!

Total Outfit Cost: $21.30


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  1. Love all your outfits. I love boot with dresses. I still can’t bring myself to rock the leggings as pants, but that’s because my butt and thighs are disproportionately bigger than the rest of me-but you, on the other hand, look great!

  2. I love that brown sweater you are wearing for your photo day – what a great find! I really need to get into thrifting – people seem to find the best things!

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