Thrift Store Shoes Turned Customized Sneakers Just For Fun

What does a chronic DIYer do with a new package of 80’s glam permanent markers, and a pair of $4.00 thrifted Nike Shocks?  Well customize them with the perfect colors to suit her style, of course.  I know – you think I’m crazy, but why not – it’s just for fun!  I turned a plain pair of white sneakers into colorful customized tennis shoes.

Nike shocks are one of those things that I have always wanted to buy, but was never willing to fork out the money for.  When you have kids, your shoes are the last thing you are willing to spend over a hundred dollars on,  right?  As the years have past I had all but given up on hopes of having a pair of the super cool looking tennis shoes to sport on casual days.  On a routine trip to Goodwill I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted a perfectly white brand new looking pair of Nike Shocks on the shelf.  They were just my size and looked as though they had never even been worn.  Next, the price?  $8.00, but wait – it gets better, it was half off  the colored sticker that it had on it for the day!  $4.00 later and those white Nike shocks were coming home with me.  I took them home and washed them with bleach and let them air dry.  They fit great and looked brand new after a good washing.  After wearing them to work out a couple times, I soon realized that they are terrible running shoes, but super comfy for walks, and running errands.

I have heard of people spending hundreds of dollars on “customized” tennis shoes where you can choose all of the colors and have the shoes specially made for you.  Since these plain white shoes needed a little pizzaz to suit my own personal style I decided to customize them myself.   Why notmake them a little more fun and cut out the hundreds of dollars I would pay to have shoes designed.

I found a great set of markers made by Sharpie called 80’s glam that included yellow, green. pink, purple, and orange.  The package was filled with the perfect bright, fun, and vibrant colors.  I sat myself down with the permanent markers and started coloring.  My son was hovering around me and he kept asking me if I was really coloring my shoes.  I could tell that he was a bit shocked and he was soon off to find his own pair of shoes that he could color.  I just followed the interesting lines of the shoes with different colors and copied whatever I did on the opposite shoe.

They turned out pretty cute, and for $4.00, why the heck not?  They are defiantly more my style with the bright pink, green, and purple and certainly way more fun than plain white.  They are holding up great, and the colors look as great as the day I added them.  I have yet to wash them and see how the color holds up – but it should do just fine.  They have gotten wet on walks and the color stays just fine.  Work a little magic on your sneaks with some permanent markers!  This is a fun way to make your shoes fit your style perfectly.  I can’t wait to find some white shoes for the kiddos at a garage sale or thrift store and let them color their own too!

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