Repurpose A Crib Mattress To Make A Kid’s Book Nook

If you have school aged kids in your home, you probably spend a huge amount of time reading with them. Our kids spend countless hours every week reading with us or reading by themselves, and we are now amazed that they are reading to US!  Probably one of the most amazing parenting moments so far has been to have our baby reading US a bedtime story!  Here is a way to re purpose that baby crib mattress, now that your kids don’t use it anymore!  The combination of a simple mattress on the floor covered in a cute fabric, a row of rain gutter bookshelves, and stacks of cozy pillows makes for a kid friendly space that your kids will never want to leave! You can create a book nook for your little ones to enjoy for years to come!

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Recycle Kid’s Outgrown Clothes Into Play Pillows

Ever catch your child running around in a way too tight shirt that you know they dug out of the “too small” bin in the basement?  They promptly tell you that the shirt fits just fine even though their belly is sticking out, and they can bearly fit their arms into the sleeves.  You know those favorite shirts that they just can’t seem to get enough of!  Here is a way that I have discovered to make those favorite shirts last just a little bit longer.  Instead of packing them away or donating the kid’s favorite outgrown clothes I love to make them into little pillows that they can use for play.  They are perfect for dolly cribs or for their favorite stuffed animals to use in their beds.  They get to see their favorite shirt everyday and play with it too.

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Making Getting Out The Door For School Easier

The switch from lazy summer days with no set schedule to the hussel and bussel of getting out the door and of to school is a challenge for a lot of families.  To make getting out the door for school easier we have a little system using closest organizers that takes the guess work out of getting dressed for school.  It’s a simple idea but has really saved a lot of headaches for our family. Continue reading “Making Getting Out The Door For School Easier”

Functional Chalkboard Wall Art – A Tractor And Airplane Example

My son’s room is decorated in a transportation theme. He loves airplanes, tractors, and anything with wheels.    Adding a chalkboard wall in any kids room is a great way to keep the kids creativity flowing!  The wall adds a great focal point for the room, and is very inexpensive to make.  The best part is it provides hours of creative play for the little ones.

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