Meet the Bonds!

Welcome to A Spotted Pony.  Thanks for stopping by! I have a ton of great projects to share with you! Here is a little about me and what A Spotted Pony is  all about!

A Spotted Pony is all about making the best life, home, and happy memories possible with your family.  On my site you will find everything from DIY home decor, easy hair styles and outfits for moms, kids crafts and projects, simple gift ideas, easy recipes and inexpensive ways to make every day beautiful.  I share ideas that I do and make with my own family in hopes of inspiring others to create the life they want to live.

I’m Kim, the crazy busy mom behind the blog A Spotted Pony.

I’m a 20 something PROUD mother of 2 who is:

  • a goofy mom that dances in her jammies with her kids
  • a loving wife
  • an uncontrollable crafter with creativity spewing from her brain into lists of to-do projects
  • a former hair stylist who is GRATEFUL to be home with her kids!
  • a wana-be cowgirl

I love my barn boots best. I drink too much diet soda. I love the smell of horse mixed with the sound of country music. I would rather work hard than “work out”, and I never go to bed without thanking the good Lord! My family is my world and I could not be more blessed!

I believe strongly that the best things in life are not things! I find myself filling our days with creative simple projects that the kids and I can do together. We are learning as we go and filling our days with education, fun, and memories! We also enjoy creating things for our house that are meaningful, re-purposed and that make our home US! I am excited to share ideas with others, since I have been so inspired by others blogs! Everyone can create a space, a home, and a life that they LOVE! I make my own rules when it comes to our home, and you should too!

Meet the Bonds:

My husband and I met when we were only fourteen and fifteen … at a horse show of all places. Fourteen years later we have been married eight wonderful years, have two beautiful children, and reside in Wisconsin with one dog and our two horses. I never would have imagined thirteen years ago the life that we would make together!

The Hubby:

The most amazingly supportive, handsome, best friend a girl could have. He is a great man with a heart of gold and a work ethic that would kill any non-super hero type dad. He is a blessing to me everyday!


Olivia is the most adorably beautiful three year old little girl with a sparkle in her eye and a fire in her heart. This girl is magical!  She demolishes everything she touches, loves to help cook, and adores her big brother! Her endless energy and strange adorable power over me make her unstoppable!


Kyle is the most inspiring, clever, and empathetic five year old ever! This child is a true miracle and a daily reminder of how precious life is. Because he was born with congenital heart disease and had open heart surgery before age two he has been through a lot in his short life.  But, he is thriving despite his rocky start in life.  He has taught me more in five short years than I will learn in a lifetime and I will never take anything for granted thanks to him!  He is smart, funny and as kind as can be – a total charmer!

The Kramer Pup:

Our very first baby. A furry little cockapoo puppy that we disgustingly treated like a real baby! A fuzzy one eyed keeper of our house that loves us with all his little heart and snores like a grown man every night!  Although he is completely blind and missing one eye due to glaucoma he is a most amazing, loyal, and loving family member.

THE Spotted Pony:

Oh Toby. My seventeen year old giant puppy dog of a paint horse who not only literally carried me through my teen years but was, and still is, a quiet listener, a freedom, pure joy and an escape from reality. A teacher of respect, loyalty, patience, and responsibility. I wish every girl could have a Toby!  You can read Toby’s story here.

Sugar Bear:

The most UN-energetic “little” haflinger pony (and I use the term pony lightly) alive! This seriously food driven draft pony has a way of making me smile like a little girl getting her very first pony ride. That golden coat, and curly white mane are what little girl dreams are made of!

Uncle Chad:

My amazingly talented big brother who shares his technological skills to help  A Spotted Pony grow!  I am ever grateful not only to have been lucky enough to grow up with him, but now to admire him as a wonderful husband, Dad and Uncle.  His patience with my poor computer skills and kindness to share his time and talents to help me make my blog what it is deserves a giant hug from our whole family each and every day!

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